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2017 Jan 050-720 test engine

Q51. From the command line, which command would you use to print the document.ps file on the laser printer?

A. lp -d laser document.ps

B. lpr -p laser document.ps

C. lpq -p laser document.ps

D. print -p laser document.ps

Answer: A

Q52. You want to copy the mytext file from your computer to the /tmp/ directory on the remote computer da20. digitalairlines.com. Which command would you use to accomplish this?

A. ssh mytext da20.digitalairlines.com:/tmp

B. scp da20.digitalairlines.com:/tmp mytext

C. scp mytext da20.digitalairlines.com:/tmp

D. sftp mytext da20.digitalairlines.com:/tmp

Answer: C

Q53. What is the correct syntax for mounting the second partition of the first SCSI hard disk?

A. mount /mnt /dev/hda2

B. mount /dev/hda2 /mnt

C. mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt

D. mount /mnt /dev/sdb1

E. mount /dev/sda2 /mnt

F. mount /mnt /dev/sda2

Answer: E

Q54. How large is an inode?

A. 256 bits

B. 64 Kbytes

C. 128 bytes

D. 1 Mbyte

Answer: C

Q55. Which command displays information about your hard drive and lets you manage certain hard drive parameters?

A. siga

B. sitar

C. fdisk

D. lspci

E. iostat

F. hwinfo

G. hdparm

Answer: G

Up to date 050-720 braindumps:

Q56. Which statement regarding symbolic links is true? (Choose 2.)

A. A symbolic link can point to a file on a different file system.

B. A symbolic link and the file it points to share the same inode.

C. If you delete the symbolic link, the original file is deleted as well.

D. If you delete the original file, the symbolic link points to a non-existing file.

E. With a symbolic link, you cannot see directly that it is a link.

Answer: AD

Q57. You created a script (/root/bin/backup.sh) that backs up your files when executed. Using cron, you want to execute this script once every Saturday at 3:00 pm. Which line would you have to enter after invoking crontab - e in a terminal window?

A. 15 0 * * 6 /root/bin/backup.sh

B. 0 15 * * 6 /root/bin/backup.sh

C. 0 15 * 6 * /root/bin/backup.sh

D. 15 0 * * 6 root /root/bin/backup.sh

Answer: B

Q58. What action does the jobs command perform?

A. Lists all scheduled cron jobs

B. Lists all mail items in the mail queue

C. Lists the content of the shell's job control

D. Lists all print jobs in the print queue.

Answer: C

Q59. What does the following command do? tar -czvf /tmp/backup.tgz /etc/HOSTNAME

A. It extracts the /etc/HOSTNAME file from the /tmp/backup.tgz archive.

B. It includes the /etc/HOSTNAME file in the newly created /tmp/backup.tgz archive.

C. It produces an error message because the options are in the wrong sequence.

D. It displays a line similar to the following, but otherwise does nothing: -rw-r--r-- root/root 23 2005-

03-11 14:20 etc/HOSTNAME

Answer: B

Q60. Which are configuration files of syslog-ng? (Choose 3.)

A. /etc/logging

B. /etc/sysconfig/log

C. /etc/log/syslog-ng

D. /etc/sysconfig/syslog

E. /etc/log/syslog-ng.conf

F. /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf

G. /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf.in

Answer: DFG