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Q61. Which group name is stored in /etc/passwd?

A. Primary group

B. Effective group

C. Secondary group

D. No group name is stored there.

Answer: A

Q62. You want to redirect the output of the ls command to the ls-output file which already exists. The output should be appended to the file; it should not overwrite the existing content. Which command accomplishes this task?

A. ls > ls-output

B. ls : ls-output

C. ls >> ls-output

D. ls && ls-output

Answer: C

Q63. Which command is suitable for displaying the CPU load as a percentage?

A. w

B. top

C. nice

D. uptime

Answer: B

Q64. Which is the main configuration file for logrotate?

A. /etc/logrotate

B. /etc/logr.conf

C. /etc/cron/logrotate

D. /etc/logrotate.conf

Answer: D

Q65. Which command can be used to view the inode assigned to a filename?

A. ls -i

B. fsck -h -i

C. inode --list

D. cat /proc/inodes

Answer: A

Abreast of the times 050-720 exam prep:


When SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 starts, some boot messages scroll by on the screen quickly. What is the name of the file in /var/log/ where these messages are stored?

A. /var/log/boot.msg

Answer: A

Q67. Which command displays the value stored in the $MYVAR variable?

A. less MYVAR

B. cat $MYVAR

C. echo MYVAR

D. echo $MYVAR

Answer: D

Q68. Which range of User IDs is used for normal (unprivileged) users on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10?

A. 0-100

B. 101-499

C. 500-999

D. 1000 and above

Answer: D

Q69. The /backup/snapshot was changed to the /backup/backup_monday.tgz archive. Which command will now write new or modified files below /home?

A. tar -czf -g /backup/snapshot /backup/backup_monday.tgz /home

B. tar -tz -g /backup/snapshot -f /backup/backup_monday.tgz /home

C. tar -cz -g /backup/snapshot -f /backup/backup_monday.tgz /home

D. tar -cz -newer /backup/snapshot -f /backup/backup_monday.tgz /home

Answer: C

Q70. You want to secure a POP3 connection to a server that does not support SSL. While you do not have ssh access to the POP3 server itself, you at least have SSH access to a server near the POP3 server. Given the following information:

POP3 server: pop3.digitalairlines.com

SSH server: ssh.digitalairlines.com

Your host: da10.digitalairlines.com

POP3 port: 110

Local port: 11110

Which command will forward connections from the local port 11110 to port 110 of the POP3 server, using a secure tunnel between your host and the SSH server?

A. ssh -L 11110:ssh.digitalairlines.com:110 geeko@pop3.digitalairlines.com

B. ssh -L 110:ssh.digitalairlines.com:11110 geeko@pop3.digitalairlines.com

C. ssh -L 11110:pop3.digitalairlines.com:110 geeko@ssh.digitalairlines.com

D. ssh -L 110:pop3.digitalairlines.com:11110 geeko@ssh.digitalairlines.com

Answer: C