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2016 Dec 050-720 exam topics

Q71. Which command displays cpu and input/output statistics for devices and partitions?

A. siga

B. sitar

C. fdisk

D. lspci

E. iostat

F. hwinfo

G. hdparm

Answer: E

Q72. What is the result of the following command? (Choose 2.)

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hdd bs=512 count=1

A. Overwrites an existing partition table

B. Creates a LVM partition of 512 blocks

C. Backs up the /dev/zero and /dev/hdd files

D. Writes zeros in the first 512 bytes of the first hard disk block

E. Assigns the physical volume zero to the logical volume hdd

Answer: AD

Q73. Which file can be used to send a message to users logging in on a text console?

A. /etc/net

B. /etc/motd

C. /etc/message

D. /var/log/messages

Answer: B

Q74. Routes to the directly connected network are automatically set up when a device is started. All other routes are saved in which configuration file?

A. /etc/route

B. /etc/routes

C. /etc/routes.conf

D. /etc/network/routes

E. /etc/sysconfig/routes

F. /etc/sysconfig/network/routes

Answer: F

Q75. You have a file named file1 and you want to create a symbolic link named link-to-file1 to the file. In a terminal window, which command accomplishes what you want? (Choose 2.)

A. ln file link-to-file1

B. ln link-to-file1 file1

C. ln -s file1 link-to-file1

D. ln -s link-to-file1 file1

E. cp -s file1 link-to-file1

F. mv -s file1 link-to-file1

Answer: CE

Renovate 050-720 sample question:

Q76. In the bash shell, which command can be used to create a MY_NAME variable containing the value Joe?


B. MY_NAME = Joe

C. echo Joe > MY_NAME

D. export MY_NAME = Joe

Answer: A

Q77. Using the nice command, what is the highest priority root can assign to a process?

A. -20

B. -19

C. 0

D. 19

E. 20

F. 99

Answer: A

Q78. After the partitions are checked and the root file system is mounted, the /sbin/init command is executed. Which process ID is assigned to /sbin/init?

A. 0

B. 1

C. 3

D. 100

E. 1000

F. Depends

Answer: B

Q79. Which statement about a differential backup is correct?

A. The use of differential backups is limited to backups on tape roboters.

B. To restore a differential backup, you need the last differential backup only.

C. To restore a differential backup, you need the last full backup and the last differential backup that was made since the last full backup.

D. The amount of data that needs to be backed up with each differential backup depends only on the amount of data changed since the last differential backup.

Answer: C


In which file is the host name of a Linux computer configured? (Hint: You do not need to include the entire path.)


Answer: A