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Exam Name: Certified Novell Identity Manager Administrator
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2017 Jan 050-730 test

Q11. Which Identity Manager reporting component retrieves the data needed for report generation from the Identity Information Warehouse?

A. Reporting Service

B. Report Packaging Tool

C. Data Collection Service

D. Identity Vault Data Sources

E. Data Collection Service Driver


Q12. Which users have access to the team configuration page? (Choose 2.}

A. Role Manager

B. Team Manager

C. Security Administrator

D. Resource Manager

E. Provisioning Manager

Answer: B, C 

Q13. When you start Designer for the first time or start Designer without a project listed, which should you first do?

A. Make sure that the Debug perspective is selected.

B. Make sure that the Plug-in perspective is selected.

C. Make sure that the Designer perspective is selected.

D. Make sure that the Java/Java Browsing perspective is selected.

E. Make sure that the Java Type Hierarchy perspective is selected.


Q14. Only one policy is effective for a user at a time. Novell Modular Authentication Services (NMAS} determines which policy is effective for a user by looking for policies in the following order and applying the first one it finds. In which order does NMAS look for password policies?

A. 1} Partition root container 2} Container

3} Specific user assignment 4} Login Policy Object

B. 1} Specific user assignment 2} Login Policy Object

3} Partition root container 4} Container

C. 1} Login Policy Object

2} Specific user assignment 3} Container

4} Partition root container

D. 1} Specific user assignment 2} Container

3} Partition root container 4} Login Policy Object

E. 1} Login Policy Object

2} Partition root container 3} Container

4} Specific user assignment


Q15. Which rules need to be followed when adding activities to a workflow? (Choose 3.}

A. A workflow cannot contain a condition activity.

B. Each Approval activity must have a Condition activity.

C. Each Branch activity must have a corresponding Merge activity.

D. Each workflow must have at least one Entitlement or Entity activity.

E. Each workflow must have only one Start activity and only one Finish activity.

Answer: C, D, E

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Q16. When using Designer, which modeling mode is used to do all low-level operations with driver sets, drivers, policies and applications?

A. Table Mode

B. System Mode

C. DataFlow Mode

D. Architect Mode

E. Developer Mode


Q17. In an Active Directory environment, which tools enable you to view and manage the associations between drivers and objects? (Choose 2.}

A. Designer

B. Driver Inspector

C. Object Inspector

D. Policy Simulator

E. Active Directory Discovery tool

Answer: B, C

Q18. What does a Driver object contain? (Choose 2.}

A. Packages

B. Driver Set

A. C. Policy Objects

D. Application driver shim

E. Subscriber and Publisher objects

Answer: C, E

Q19. Which statements about filters are true? (Choose 2.}

A. You cannot export a filter from a driver.

B. You can configure a filter policy for a driver set.

C. You can add a class or attribute to a filter policy.

D. There are separate filter policies for the Publisher and the Subscriber channels.

E. The same filter policy is used for both the Publisher and the Subscriber channels.

Answer: C, E 

Q20. What are benefits of using Policy Builder? (Choose 2.}

A. It is built on open standards.

B. It enforces password complexity.

C. It is a GUI with command line capabilities.

D. It minimizes the need for XLST stylesheets.

E. It provides a graphical interface to help data cleansing.

F. It provides a graphical interface for rapid development of policies.

Answer: D, F