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2016 Nov 050-730 free practice test

Q61. When data changes in the Identity Vault or a connected application, which processes the changes?

A. Drivers

B. Remote Loader

C. Identity Vault

D. Metadirectory Engine

E. Connected application


Q62. To which can you add Named Passwords? (Choose 2.}

A. Server

B. Drivers

C. Driver Sets

D. Applications

E. Identity Vaults

Answer: B, C

Q63. Which is most commonly used to access ECMAScript?

A. iMonitor

B. iManager

C. Expression Builder

D. User Application Manager

E. Directory Abstraction Layer (DAL}

Answer: C

Q64. In which of the following is the directory abstraction layer editor plug-in available?

A. iMonitor

B. Designer

C. iManager

D. Role Mapping Administrator

E. User Application Administrator

Answer: B

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Q65. Which statements are true regarding Global Configuration Values (GCVs}? (Choose 2.}

A. GCVs are variables.

B. GCVs are constant values.

C. GCVs can be changed at runtime.

D. GCVs are accessible to the tree and network.

E. GCVs are globally accessible to the driver and driver set.

Answer: B, E

Q66. Which statements are true? (Choose 2.}

A. When an event is being sent to a driver, it is a notification.

B. When an event is being sent to a driver, it is a command.

C. When an event is being sent to Identity Manager, it is a command.

D. When an event is being sent to Identity Manager, it is a notification.

E. Events and commands are handled the same way within an IDM 4 environment.

Answer: B, D 

Q67. Using regular expressions, which phone number should the following match?


A. 800-123-4567

B. 901-123-4567

C. 701-123-4567

D. 808-123-4567

E. 809-123-4567

Answer: A

Q68. Using regular expressions, which will the following expression match? (Choose 2.} of*

A. of

B. off

C. often

D. offset

E. offers

Answer: A, B

Q69. Which statement is true regarding creating packages?

A. Packages can be created using Designer or iManager.

B. Packages must be created before a Driver can function.

C. Packages can only be created for Drivers and Driver Sets.

D. Packages can only be created in environments that have IDM 3.0 or later.

E. Packages can only be created when the Identity Vault is in development mode.