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2017 Mar 101-01 book

Q31. All of the following are types of peering rules, except:

A. Pass

B. Accept

C. Discard

D. Auto

Answer: C

Q32. When MAPI prepopulation is enabled, what is default TCP keep-alive time used to prepopulate the Steelhead appliance with emails and attachments?

A. 24 hours

B. 48 hours

C. 72 hours

D. 96 hours

Answer: D

Q33. Which of the following database applications can the Steelhead appliance optimize with the Application Streamlining module?


B. Sybase


D. Microsoft SQL

E. Great Plains

Answer: D

Q34. What Steelhead appliance interface must be connected in order to peer with the Interceptor appliance for optimization?

A. Primary




E. Console

Answer: B

Q35. Rules that dictate the types of TCP traffic that a Steelhead Mobile client should optimize are configured in the:

A. Acceleration policy

B. Authorization policy

C. Peering rules

D. Fixed target policy

Answer: A

Update 101-01 exam answers:

Q36. The Central Management Console appliance can scale to support a range of Steelhead appliances and is available in the following physical form factor(s):

A. Desktop,1U and 3U

B. 1U and 3U

C. 3U only

D. 1U only

E. 1U, 2U, 3U

Answer: D

Q37. The Steelhead Mobile client is supported on the following client platforms: (Select 3)

A. Windows 2000


C. Windows XP

D. Vista-32

E. Linux

Answer: ACD

Q38. In a Steelhead Mobile deployment, what are Endpoint policies? (Select 2)

A. Templates that allow Steelhead Mobile clients to connect to Steelhead appliances

B. Configuration templates to configure groups of Steelhead Mobile clients that have the same configuration requirements

C. Configuration templates to configure groups of Steelhead Mobile clients that have the same datastore requirements

D. Configuration templates to configure computer-specific software settings on a Linux system

E. Steelhead Mobile client software default access policies used to connect to all Riverbed devices

Answer: BC

Q39. What is the CLI command for starting the Configuration Wizard?

A. # configuration wizard start

B. (config) # configuration jump-start

C. # configuration start

D. (config) # wizard start

E. restart clean

Answer: B

Q40. What is the total number of optimized concurrent TCP connections supported on an Interceptor appliance?

A. 100,000

B. 200,000

C. 300,000

D. 500,000

E. 1,000,000

Answer: E