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Q1. When can a single virtual server be associated with multiple profiles? 

A. Never. Each virtual server has a maximum of one profile. 

B. Often. Profiles work on different layers and combining profiles is common. 

C. Rarely. One combination, using both the TCP and HTTP profile does occur, but it is the exception. 

D. Unlimited. Profiles can work together in any combination to ensure that all traffic types are supported in agiven virtual server. 


Q2. A user is building a security policy using the Deployment Wizard and the Rapid Deployment application template. By default, which settings will be appliedto the security policy? (Choose3) 

A. Data Guard will be enabled 

B. The enforcement mode will be set to transparent 

C. The encoding language will be set to auto detect 

D. Wildcard tightening will be enabled on file types and parameters 

E. The attack signature set applied will be Generic Detection Signatures 

Answer: A,B,E 

Q3. A site wishes to perform source address translation on packets from some clients but not others. 

Thedetermination is not based on the client's IP address, but on the virtual servers their packets arrive on. Whatcould best accomplish this goal? 

A. A SNAT for all addresses could be defined, and then disable the SNAT processing for select VLANs. 

B. Some virtual servers could be associated with SNAT pools and others not associated with SNAT pools. 

C. The decision to perform source address translation is always based on VLAN. Thus, the goal cannot beachieved. 

D. The decision to perform source address translation is always based on a client's address (or network).Thus, this goal cannot be achieved. 


Q4. A site wishes to delegate the name www.mysite.com to a GTM System. Which entry wouldbe appropriate in their current DNS servers? 

A. www.mysite.com. IN A 

B. 15.33.addr-in.arpa.com IN PRT .wiw.mysite.com. 

C. www.mysite.com. IN CNAME wip.mysite.com. 

D. www.mysite.com. IN DELwww.GTM.mysite.com. 


Q5. Logging profiles are assigned to? 

A. HTTP class 

B. Security policies 

C. Web applications 

D. Attack signatures 


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Q6. Which of the following is correct regarding static parameters? 

A. A static parameter is stored in a frame cookie. 

B. A static parameter is pre-defined by the web application logic. 

C. A static parameter is learned only by using the Deployment Wizard. 

D. A static parameter is mapped once when creating the application flow model. 


Q7. Sensitive parameter is a feature used to hide sensitive information from being displayed inwhich of the following? 

A. Client request 

B. Server response 

C. GUI and logs of BIG-IP ASM System 

D. Configuration file of BIG-IP ASM System 


Q8. Assume a virtual server is configured with a ClientSSL profile. What would the result be if the virtual server'sdestination port were not 443? 

A. SSL termination could not be performed if the virtual server's port was not port 443. 

B. Virtual servers with a ClientSSL profile are always configured with a destination port of 443. 

C. As long as client traffic was directed to the alternate port, the virtual server would work as intended. 

D. Since the virtual server is associated with a ClientSSL profile, it will always process traffic sent to port 443. 


Q9. Assume a virtual server has a ServerSSL profile. What SSL certificates are required on the pool members? 

A. No SSL certificates are required on the pool members. 

B. The poolmembers SSL certificates must only exist. 

C. The poolmembers SSL certificates must be issued from a certificate authority. 

D. The poolmembers SSL certificates must be created within the company hosting the BIG-IPs. 


Q10. Which two statements are true concerning capabilities of current BIG-IP platforms? (Choosetwo.) 

A. The 1600 hosts more ports than the 3900. 

B. All current BIG-IP platform use both an ASIC. And CPU(s)to process traffic. 

C. All current BIG-IP platform can perform hardware compression. 

D. Only 2U BIG-IP Platform have an option of a second power supply. 

E. All BIG-IP have capacity to perform bulk encryption I decryption of SSL traffic independentof the CPU. 

Answer: B,E