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Q71. The partial configuration below includes an iRule, a virtual server, and pools. When trafficfrom the client at connects to the virtual server Test_VS and sends anHTTP request, what will the client's source address be translated to as the traffic is sent tothe chosen pool member? 

pool Test_Pool { member member } snatpool lower_range 

{ member } snatpool upper_range { member } 

rule Test_iRule { when CLIENT_ACCEPTED.{ if { [TCP::local_port] < 2024 }{ snatpool 

lower_range } else { snatpool upper_range } 

virtual Test_VS { destination :http pool Test_Pool rule Test_i Rule } 


B. It could be either or 





Q72. Which events are valid iRule events triggered by BIG-IP ASM processing? (Choose 2) 





Answer: A,C 

Q73. Which level of parameter assumes the highest precedence in BIG-IP ASM Systemprocessing logic? 

A. Flow 

B. Object 

C. Global 



Q74. Which two methods can be used to determine which BIG-IP is currently active? (Choose two.) 

A. The bigtop command displays the status. 

B. Only the active system's configuration screens are active. 

C. The status (Active/Standby) is embedded in the command prompt. 

D. The ifconfig -a command displays the floating addresses on the active system. 

Answer: A,C 

Q75. Which of the following is correct concerning HTTP classes? 

A. A single web application can be used by several HTTP classes. 

B. A virtual server can only have one HTTP class associated with it. 

C. A single ASM enabled HTTP class can be used by multiple virtual servers. 

D. Each ASM enabled HTTP class can have several active security policies associated with it. 


Down to date 101 actual exam:

Q76. Which two are events that can be used to trigger GTM iRule data processing? (Choose two.) 





Answer: A,B 

Q77. Which parameters are set to the same value when a pair of BIG-IP devices are synchronized? 

A. host names 

B. system clocks 

C. profile definitions 

D. VLAN fail-safe settings 

E. MAC masquerade addresses 


Q78. When configuring a pool member's monitor, which three association options are available? (Choose three.) 

A. inherit the pool's monitor 

B. inherit the node's monitor 

C. configure a default monitor 

D. assign a monitor to the specific member 

E. do not assign any monitor to the specific member 

Answer: A,D,E 

Q79. Flow login allows for more granular protection of login and logout URLs within webapplications. Which of the following are components of flow login? (Choose 3) 

A. Schema 

B. Login URLs 

C. Login pages 

D. Attack signatures 

E. Access validation 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q80. A site has assigned the ICMP monitor to all nodes and a custom monitor, based on the HTTP template, to apool of web servers. The HTTP-based monitor is working in all cases. The ICMP monitor is failing for 2 of thepool members nodes. All other settings are default. What is the status of the pool members? 

A. All pool members are up since the HTTP-based monitor is successful. 

B. All pool members are down since the ICMP-based monitor is failing in some cases. 

C. The pool members whose nodes are failing the ICMP-based monitor will be marked disabled. 

D. The pool members whose nodes are failing the ICMP-based monitor will be marked unavailable.