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Q65. - (Topic 3) 

In case neither cron.allow nor cron.deny exist in /etc/, which of the following is true? 

A. Without additional configuration, no users may have user specific crontabs. 

B. Without additional configuration, all users may have user specific crontabs. 

C. The cron daemon will refuse to start and report missing files in the system's logfile. 

D. When a user creates a user specific crontab the system administrator must approve it explicitly. 


Q66. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 4) 

Which command is used to sync the hardware clock to the system clock? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.) 

Answer: hwclock, /sbin/hwclock, /usr/sbin/hwclock 

Q67. - (Topic 5) 

Which of the following commands will help identify a broken router between the local and the remote machine? 

A. ps 

B. netstat 

C. nslookup 

D. ifconfig 

E. traceroute 


Q68. - (Topic 1) 

Which of the following commands lists all defined variables and functions within Bash? 

A. env 

B. set C. env -a 

D. echo $ENV 


Q69. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 3) 

In which file, if present, must all users be listed that are allowed to use the cron scheduling system? (Specify the full name of the file, including path.) 

Answer: /etc/cron.allow 

Q70. - (Topic 5) 

Which of the following statements is valid in the file /etc/nsswitch.conf? 

A. multi on 

B. dns-server 

C. hosts: files dns 

D. include /etc/nsswitch.d/ 


Q71. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 1) 

What word is missing from the following SQL statement? 

insert into tablename ________(909, 'text'); 

(Please specify the missing word using lower-case letters only.) 

Answer: VALUES, values