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Q33. Some users are unable to connect to specific local hosts by name, while accessing hosts in other zones works as expected. Given that the hosts are reachable by their IP addresses, which is the default log file that could provide

hints about the problem?

A. /var/named/log

B. /var/lib/named/dev/log

C. /var/log/bind_errors

D. /var/log/bind/errors

E. /var/log/messages

Answer: E

Q34. Which of the following describes the main purpose of strace?

A. Show the TCP/IP stack data, to help to solve network problems

B. Help to follow the traces of intruders of the internal network

C. Debug programs by displaying the original code of the program. It is a kind of "disassembler"

D. Reverse engineer applications, resulting in the source code of the program

E. Debug programs by monitoring system calls and reporting them

Answer: E

Q35. What directive can be used in named.conf to restrict zone transfers to the network?

A. allow-transfer {; };

B. allow-transfer { };

C. allow-axfr {; };

D. allow-axfr { };

E. allow-xfer {; };


Q36. The mailserver is currently called fred, while the primary MX record points to mailhost.example.org. What must be done to direct example.org email towards fred?

A. Add an A record for mailhost to fred's IP address.

B. Add a CNAME record from mailhost to fred

C. Add another MX record pointing to fred's IP address.

D. Adda PTR record from mailhost to fred.


Q37. The following data is some of the output produced by a program. Which program produced this output? strftime (" Thu", l024, "%a", 0xb7f64380) =4

fwrite ("Thu", 3, l, 0xb7f6l4e0) =l fputc (' ', 0xb7f6l4e0) =32

strftime (" Feb", l024, " %b", 0xb7f64380) =4

fwrite ("Feb", 3, l, 0xb7f6l4e0) =l fputc (' ', 0xb7f6l4e0) =32

fwrite ("l9", 2, l, 0xb7f6l4e0) =l

A. lsof

B. ltrace

C. nm

D. strace

E. time

Answer: B

Q38. For an lDAP client configuration, the lDAP base needs to be set. Which TWO of the following actions would achieve that?

A. export lDAPBASE=dc=linuxfoo,dc=com

B. export BASE=dc=linuxfoo,dc=com

C. Edit ldapbase.conf and add "BASE dc=linuxfoo,dc=com".

D. Edit cldap.conf and add "BASE dc=linuxfoo,dc=com".

E. Edit ldap.conf and add "BASE dc=linuxfoo,dc=com".

Answer: A, E 

Q39. A server was rebuilt using a full system backup but with a different disk setup. The kernel won't boot, complaining it cannot find the root filesystem. Which of the following commands will fix this error by pointing the kernel image to the new root partition?

A. mkbootdisk

B. tune2fs

C. rdev

D. grub-install

E. fdisk


Q40. Given this excerpt from an Apache configuration file, which of the numbered lines has INCORRECT syntax? 

1: <VirtualHost *:80>

2:ServerAdmin admin9@server.example.org

3: DocumentRoot /home/http/admin

4: ServerName  admin.server.example.org

5: DirectoryIndex index.php default.php

6: Errorlog logs/admin.server.example.org-error_log

7: Customlog logs/admin.server.example.org-access_log common

8: </VirtualHost>

A. l

B. l and 4

C. l, 4 and 7

D. l and 5

E. None. The configuration is valid