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Q25. What is the default location for sendmail configuration files? (Please provide the complete path to the directory)

Answer: /etc/mail

Q26. Which command can be used to list all exported file systems from a remote NFS server:

A. exportfs

B. nfsstat

C. rpcinfo

D. showmount

E. importfs


Q27. The Internet gateway connects the clients with the Internet by using a Squid proxy. Only the clients from the network should be able to use the proxy. Which of the following configuration sections is correct?

A. acl local src http_allow local

B. acl local src http_access allow local

C. acl local src http access allow local

D. acl local src http_access_allow=local

E. acl local src httpd local allow


Q28. Which files are read by the lsdev command? (Please specify THREE answers)

A. /proc/dma

B. /proc/filesystems

C. /proc/interrupts

D. /proc/ioports

E. /proc/swaps

Answer: A, C, D

Q29. The syntax of the procmail configuration file is?

A. :0[flags][:[lockfile]] [* condition]


B. [* condition]



C. :0[flags][:[lockfile]]

[* condition] action

D. :0[flags][:[lockfile]]:[* condition]


E. :0[flags][:[lockfile]]:[* condition]:action


Q30. Which Apache directive is used to configure the main directory for the site, out of which it will serve documents?

A. ServerRoot

B. UserDir

C. DirectoryIndex

D. location

E. DocumentRoot


Q31. The host, called " Certleader ", with the MAC address "08:00:2b:4c:59:23", should always be given the IP address of by the DHCP server. Which of the following configurations will achieve this?

A. host Certleader {

hardware-ethernet 08:00:2b:4c:59:23;



B. host Certleader {




C. host Certleader = 08:00:2b:4c:59:23

D. host Certleader {

hardware ethernet 08:00:2b:4c:59:23;



E. host Certleader {

hardware-address 08:00:2b.4c:59:23;



Answer: D

Q32. What does the following procmail configuration section do?


* < 256000

I /usr/bin/foo

A. procmail sends all email older than 256000 seconds to the external program foo

B. If an email contains a value less than 256000 anywhere within it, procmail will process the email with the program foo

C. procmail sends mail containing less than 256000 words to program foo

D. The program foo is used instead of procmail for all emails larger than 256000 Bytes

E. If the email smaller than 256000 Bytes, procmail will process it with the program foo