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Q9. Which of the following are true when considering NetBIOS browsing? (Choose THREE correct answers)

A. Servers and workstations register their presence to the network.

B. One or more machines on the network collate the local announcements.

C. It is not possible to share NetBIOS name information across subnets.

D. Elections are held to determine the roles of certain servers.

E. Currently, only Microsoft Windows servers can initiate an election.

Answer: A,B,D

Q10. Which of the following options can be used to limit access to a share? (Select TWO correct answers)

A. untrusted users

B. write list

C. valid users

D. valid groups

E. accept list

Answer: B,C

Q11. What are the requirements for configuring a Samba file server to work in Active Directory mode? (Choose THREE correct answers.)

A. Join a domain using the commanD.net ads join

B. Specify a realm in the smb.conf file.

C. Make sure there is no clock drift between the systems in the AD.

D. Use Winbind in the ADS mode with this commanD.winbindd --krb5

E. Create an administrator account with the pdbedit command.

Answer: A,B,C

Q12. A Samba 4 server provides DNS information regarding an Active Directory Domain. All other DNS information is provided by another DNS server. Which of the following solutions ensures that the clients of the Samba server can look up all DNS records including those from the domain?

A. The additional DNS server is configured in the file /etc/resolv.conf on the Samba server and the option dns forwarder = yes is set in smb.conf.

B. The additional DNS server is configured in the option dns forwarder in smb.conf. All clients query the Samba server for any DNS information.

C. Both the Samba server and the additional DNS server are configured on the clients. It is ensured that the Samba server is listed first in each client's resolv.conf.

D. All clients are configured to send DNS queries to the additional DNS server only. The Samba servers smb.conf contains the option wins dns proxy = yes to provide all domain- related naming information via NetBIOS name service independently from DNS.

Answer: B

Q13. Which command will display the groups a user belongs to on a remote SMB server?

A. net rpc group info

B. net rpc group member

C. net rpc user info

D. smblookup member

E. smblookup user

Answer: C

Q14. When preparing the delivery of printer drivers from Samba to Windows clients, which of the following requirements have to be fulfilled? (Select TWO correct answers.)

A. The driver must be associated with the printer either by Samba's rpcclient command or by the Windows Add Printer wizard.

B. The driver has to be put on a Samba share called print$.

C. The driver has to be put on the NETLOGON-share in a sub-directory with the same name as the printer.

D. The drivers file name must be specified with the nt driver option in the printers share declaration.

Answer: A,B


An anonymous user had her access denied while she was trying to access a Samba share using the smbclient command. Assuming that it is necessary for anonymous users to access that share, what must be configured (in the Samba configuration file) to allow access? Please specify the full directive and value.

Answer: guest ok = yes, guest ok=yes, guest ok= yes, guest ok =yes, guest ok = 1, guest ok=1, guest ok =1, guest ok= 1, guest ok = true, guest ok=true, guest ok= true, guest ok


Q16. CIFS relies upon which port for direct hosting without requiring NetBIOS?

A. 139

B. 443

C. 137

D. 445

Answer: D