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2016 Sep 117-303 free practice questions

Q31. Which statements are true of the following Wireshark capture filter: 

(tcp[2:2] > 1500 and tcp[2:2] < 1550) or (tcp[4:2] > 1500 and tcp[4:2] < 1550) 

(Select TWO correct answers) 

A. Every packet being checked has a 2 byte offset. 

B. Traffic on ports 15001550 is being captured. 

C. Traffic on ports 15011549 is being captured. 

D. Only two bytes are being checked in each packet. 

E. Up to four bytes are being check in each packet. 

Answer: CE

Q32. A user is attempting to connect to a remote server via SSH and receives the following message: 

The authenticity of host 'mail.example.com (' can't be established. 

RSA key fingerprint is 92:32:55:e9:c4:20:ae:1b:2c:d7:91:40:90:89:1c:ad. 

Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? 

What does this indicate? 

A. The RSA key fingerprint was found in the SpamCop database, indicating that the remote host is a known spammer. 

B. The user's SSH client was unable to connect to the remote host's authentication agent for verification. 

C. The user's SSH client is incompatible with the server's RSA key. 

D. The server's SSH host key cannot be found in the list of known hosts. 

Answer: D

Q33. DNS servers are vulnerable to which of the following attacks? (Select THREE correct answers) 

A. Cache Poisoning 

B. Fork Bomb Attack 

C. PasswordBased Attack 

D. ManintheMiddle 

E. Smurf Attack 

Answer: ADE

Q34. On a new Linux system, the root user is being asked to provide the root user password before being able to use the su command. What line in the /etc/pam.d/su file will allow root to use su without supplying passwords? 

A. auth required pam_norootpw.so 

B. auth sufficient pam_norootpw.so 

C. auth required pam_rootok.so 

D. auth sufficient pam_rootok.so 

Answer: D

Q35. The command 'nmap sS O' produces the following output: 


631/tcp open ipp 

3306/tcp open mysql 

Which of these statements are true? (Select TWO correct answers) 

A. A simple scan was launched. 

B. The scan was executed by the root user. 

C. Output will be sent to a file instead of stdout. 

D. A stealth SYN scan was launched. 

E. There are no other services running on this machine. 

Answer: BD

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Regenerate 117-303 exam question:

Q36. Which openssl command is used to inspect the information stored in a certificate? 

A. x509 

B. show 

C. info 

D. req 

Answer: A

Q37. How does AppArmor configure its access control settings? 

A. AppArmor does not require any configuration. 

B. AppArmor inspects the Linux system to determine which applications are installed and configures itself. This configuration can then be modified manually. 

C. AppArmor relies on precompiled policies. These policies are updated with new releases or can be downloaded periodically. 

D. A profile is assigned per application that specifies the system resources available to the application. 

Answer: D

Q38. What does ntop use for data collection? 

A. Network packets 

B. Log files 

C. Frame relay 


Answer: A

Q39. Someone who wishes to receive an encrypted file has provided a key UID and a key fingerprint for verification to the data sender. Assuming that this key is on a public keyserver, what command will fetch the public key from the server? 

A. gpg findkeys UID 

B. gpg recvkeys UID 

C. gpg getkeys UID 

D. gpg refreshkeys UID 

Answer: B

Q40. Which command will set the user.author attribute on the file afile.txt? 

A. setfattr user.author:"A. Author" afile.txt 

B. setfattr n user.author v "A. Author" afile.txt 

C. setfattr user.author="A. Author" afile.txt 

D. setfattr a user.author="A. Author" afile.txt 

Answer: B