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2016 Aug 156-315.77 training

Q301. - (Topic 3) 

Which of the following log files contains information about the negotiation process for encryption? 

A. ike.elg 

B. iked.elg 

C. vpnd.elg 

D. vpn.elg 

Answer: A 

Q302. - (Topic 1) 

Remote clients are using SSL VPN to authenticate via LDAP server to connect to the organization. Which gateway process is responsible for the authentication? 

A. vpnd 

B. cpvpnd 

C. fwm 

D. fwd 

Answer: B 

Q303. - (Topic 5) 

From the following output of cphaprob state, 

which ClusterXL mode is this? 

A. Load Balancing Mode 

B. Multicast mode 

C. Unicast mode 

D. New mode 

E. Legacy mode 

Answer: C 

Q304. - (Topic 8) 

The process __________ is responsible for the authentication for Remote Access clients. 

A. fwm 

B. vpnd 

C. cvpnd 

D. cpd 

Answer: B 

Q305. - (Topic 4) 

To help organize events,Smart Reporteruses filtered queries. Which of the following is NOT anSmart Eventeventproperty you can query? 

A. Event: Critical, Suspect, False Alarm 

B. Time:Last Hour, Last Day, Last Week 

C. State:Open, Closed, False Alarm 

D. Type:Scans, Denial of Service, Unauthorized Entry 

Answer: A 

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Q306. - (Topic 4) 

When migrating theSmart Eventdata base from one server to another, the last step is to save the files on the new server. Which of the following commands should you run to save theSmart Eventdata base files on the new server? 

A. cp 

B. migrate import 

C. eva_db_restore 

D. restore 

Answer: C 

Q307. - (Topic 3) 

What is the command to show OSPF adjacencies? 

A. show ospf interface 

B. show ospf summary-address 

C. show running-config 

D. show ip ospf neighbor 

Answer: D 

Q308. - (Topic 1) 

Steve is troubleshooting a connection problem with an internal application. If he knows the source IP address is, how could he filter this traffic? 

A. Run fw monitor -e "accept dsrc=;" 

B. Run fw monitor -e "accept dst=;" 

C. Run fw monitor -e "accept ip=;" 

D. Run fw monitor -e "accept src=;" 

Answer: D 

Q309. - (Topic 4) 

When you check Web Server in a host-node object, what happens to the host? 

A. The Web server daemon is enabled on the host. 

B. More granular controls are added to the host, in addition to Web Intelligence tab settings. 

C. You can specify allowed ports in the Web server's node-object properties. You then do not need to list all allowed ports in the Rule Base. 

D. IPS Web Intelligence is enabled to check on the host. 

Answer: B 

Q310. - (Topic 3) 

What is the most common cause for a Quick mode packet 1 failing with the error "No Proposal Chosen" error? 

A. The OS and patch level of one gateway does not match the other. 

B. The previously established Permanent Tunnel has failed. 

C. There is a network connectivity issue. 

D. The encryption strength and hash settings of one peer does not match the other. 

Answer: D