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2016 Aug 156-315.77 exam prep

Q191. - (Topic 7) 

What is a task of the SmartEvent Client? 

A. Add events to the events database. 

B. Display the received events. 

C. Assign a severity level to an event. 

D. Analyze each IPS log entry as it enters the Log server. 

Answer: B 

Q192. - (Topic 2) 

Organizations are sometimes faced with the need to locate cluster members in different geographic locations that are distant from each other. A typical example is replicated data centers whose location is widely separated for disaster recovery purposes. What are the restrictions of this solution? 

A. There are no restrictions. 

B. There is one restriction: The synchronization network must guarantee no more than 150 ms latency (ITU Standard G.114). 

C. There is one restriction: The synchronization network must guarantee no more than 100 ms latency. 

D. There are two restrictions: 1. The synchronization network must guarantee no more than 100ms latency and no more than 5% packet loss. 2. The synchronization network may only include switches and hubs. 

Answer: D 

Q193. - (Topic 3) 

Which of the following services will cause SecureXL templates to be disabled? 





Answer: B 

Q194. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 8) 

Checkpoint 156-315.77 : Practice Test 

Fill in the blank. To save your OSPF configuration in GAiA, enter the command ___________ . 

Answer: save config 

Q195. - (Topic 5) 

The following configuration is for VPN-1 NGX:1s this configuration correct for Management High Availability (HA)? 

A. No, the SmartCenter Servers must be installed on the same operating system. 

B. No, a VPN-1 NGX SmartCenter Server cannot run on Red Hat Linux 7.3. 

C. No, the SmartCenter Servers must reside on the same network. 

D. No, A VPN-1 NGX SmartCenter Server can only be in a Management HA configuration, if the operating system is Solaris. 

E. No, the SmartCenter Servers do not have the same number of NICs. 

Answer: A 

156-315.77 answers

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Q196. - (Topic 7) 

MicroCorp experienced a security appliance failure. (LEDs of all NICs are off.) The age of the unit required that the RMA-unit be a different model. Will a revert to an existing snapshot bring the new unit up and running? 

A. There is no dynamic update at reboot. 

B. No. The revert will most probably not match to hard disk. 

C. Yes. Everything is dynamically updated at reboot. 

D. No. At installation the necessary hardware support is selected. The snapshot saves this state. 

Answer: D 

Q197. - (Topic 1) 

Which describes the function of the account unit? 

A. An Account Unit is the Check Point account thatSmart Directoryuses to access an (LDAP) server 

B. An Account Unit is a system account on the Check Point gateway thatSmart Directoryuses to access an (LDAP) server 

C. An Account Unit is the administration account on the LDAP server thatSmart Directoryuses to access to (LDAP) server 

D. An Account Unit is the interface which allows interaction between the Security Management server and Security Gateways, and theSmart Directory(LDAP) server. 

Answer: D 

Q198. - (Topic 7) 

Your online bookstore has customers connecting to a variety of Web servers to place or change orders and check order status. You ran penetration tests through the Security Gateway to determine if the Web servers were protected from a recent series of cross-site scripting attacks. The penetration testing indicated the Web servers were still vulnerable. You have checked every box in the Web Intelligence tab, and installed the Security Policy. What else might you do to reduce the vulnerability? 

A. Configure the Security Gateway protecting the Web servers as a Web server. 

B. Check the Products / Web Server box on the host node objects representing your Web servers. 

C. Add Port (TCP 443) as an additional port on the Web Server tab for the host node. 

D. The penetration software you are using is malfunctioning and is reporting a false-positive. 

Answer: B 

Q199. - (Topic 6) 

What command will stop all (and only) Management Portal services? 

A. cpstop 

B. spstop 

C. sportalstop 

D. smartportalstop 

Answer: D 

Q200. - (Topic 4) 

You configure a Check Point QoS Rule Base with two rules: an H.323 rule with a weight of 10, and the Default Rule with a weight of 10. The H.323 rule includes a per-connection guarantee of 384 Kbps. and a per-connection limit of 512 Kbps. The per-connection guarantee is for four connections, and no additional connections are allowed in the Action properties. If traffic is passing through the QoS Module matches both rules, which of the following statements is TRUE? 

A. Each H.323 connection will receive at least 512 Kbps of bandwidth. 

B. The H.323 rule will consume no more than 2048 Kbps of available bandwidth. 

C. 50% of available bandwidth will be allocated to the Default Rule. 

D. Neither rule will be allocated more than 10% of available bandwidth. 

Answer: B