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Q425. - (Topic 5) 

What action CANNOT be run from SmartUpdate NGX R65? 

A. Get all Gateway Data 

B. Reboot gateway 

C. Preinstall verifier 

D. Fetch sync status 


Q426. - (Topic 2) 

For Management High Availability, if an Active SMS goes down, does the Standby SMS automatically take over? 

A. Yes, if you set up ClusterXL 

B. Yes, if you set up SecureXL 

C. No, the transition should be initiated manually 

D. Yes, if you set up VRRP 


Q427. - (Topic 1) 

Control connections between the Security Management Server and the Gateway are not encrypted by the VPN Community. How are these connections secured? 

A. They are encrypted and authenticated using SIC. 

B. They are not encrypted, but are authenticated by the Gateway 

C. They are secured by PPTP 

D. They are not secured. 


Q428. - (Topic 3) 

Which statement defines Public Key Infrastructure? Security is provided: 

A. by Certificate Authorities, digital certificates, and two-way symmetric-key encryption. 

B. by Certificate Authorities, digital certificates, and public key encryption. 

C. via both private and public keys, without the use of digital Certificates. 

D. by authentication. 


Q429. - (Topic 6) 

You logged in to your firewall and discovered that the scheduled backup has been modified. Which of the below options is NOT a reason for the change? 

A. Another administrator pushed aSmart Provisioningprofile to the firewall 

B. Another administrator issued a new backup command through the command line 

C. Another administrator logged in to the WebUI and changed the setting without your knowledge 

D. Another administrator updated the Backup Schedule usingSmart Update 


Q430. - (Topic 1) 

The process ________________ compiles $FWDIR/conf/*.W files into machine language. 

A. fw gen 

B. cpd 

C. fwd 

D. fwm 


Q431. - (Topic 6) 

InSmart Workflow, what is NOT a valid possibility? 

A. Task Flow without Session and without Role Segregation 

B. Task Flow without Session but with Role Segregation 

C. Task Flow with Session but without Role Segregation 

D. Task Flow with Session and with Role Segregation 


Q432. - (Topic 3) 

How do you verify a VPN Tunnel Interface (VTI) is configured properly? 

A. vpn shell display <VTI name> detailed 

B. vpn shell show <VTI name> detailed 

C. vpn shell show interface detailed <VTI name> 

D. vpn shell display interface detailed <VTI name>