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Q417. - (Topic 2) 

You have just upgraded your Load Sharing gateway cluster (both members) from NGX R65 

toR76. cphaprob stat shows: 

Which of the following is not a possible cause of this? 

A. You have a different number of cores defined for CoreXL between the two members 

B. Member 1 has CoreXL disabled and member 2 does not 

C. Member 1 is at a lower version than member 2 

D. You have not run cpconfig on member 2 yet. 


Q418. - (Topic 4) 

You use the snapshot feature to store yourConnecterSSL VPN configuration. What do you expect to find? 

A. Nothing; snapshot is not supported inConnectorSSL VPN. 

B. The management configuration of the current product, on a management or stand-alone machine 

C. A complete image of the local file system 

D. Specified directories of the local file system. 


Q419. - (Topic 5) 

Public keys and digital certificates provide which of the following? Select three. 

A. Non repudiation 

B. Data integrity 

C. Availability 

D. Authentication 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q420. - (Topic 2) 

In Management High Availability, what is an Active SMS? 

A. Active Security Master Server 

B. Active Smart Management Server 

C. Active Security Management Server 

D. Active Smart Master Server 


Q421. - (Topic 5) 

Consider the following actions that VPN-1 NGX can take when it control packets. The Policy Package has been configured for Traditional Mode VPN. Identify the options that includes the available actions. Select four. 

A. Allow 

B. Reject 

C. Client auth 

D. Decrypt 

E. Accept 

F. Drop 

G. Encrypt 

H. Hold 

I. Proxy 

Answer: B,E,F,G 

Q422. - (Topic 5) 

What happens in relation to the CRL cache after a cpstop;spstart has been initiated? 

A. The gateway continues to use the old CRL even if it is not valid, until a new CRL is cached 

B. The gateway continues to use the old CRL, as long as it is valid. 

C. The gateway issues a crl_zap on startup, which empties the cache and forces Certificate retrieval. 

D. The gateway retrieves a new CRL on startup, then discards the old CRL as invalid. 


Q423. - (Topic 6) 

You are trying to configure Directional VPN Rule Match in the Rule Base. But the Match column does not have the option to see the Directional Match. You see the following window. 

What must you enable to see the Directional Match? 

A. VPN Directional Match on the Gateway object's VPN tab 

B. Advanced Routing on each Security Gateway 

C. VPN Directional Match on the VPN advanced window, in Global Properties 

D. directional_match(true) in the objects_5_0.C file on Security Management Server 


Q424. - (Topic 5) 

Damon enables an SMTP resource for content protection. He notices that mail seems to slow down on occasion, sometimes being delivered late. Which of the following might improve throughput performance? 

A. Configuring the SMTP resource to bypass the CVP resource 

B. Increasing the Maximum number of mail messages in the Gateway's spool directory 

C. Configuring the Content Vector Protocol (CVP) resource to forward the mail to the internal SMTP server, without waiting for a response from the Security Gateway 

D. Configuring the CVP resource to return the mail to the Gateway 

E. Configuring the SMTP resource to only allow mail with Damon's company's domain name in the header