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Q401. - (Topic 8) 

Which statement is TRUE for route-based VPN’s? 

A. IP Pool NAT must be configured on each Gateway. 

B. Dynamic-routing protocols are not required. 

C. Route-based VPN’s are a form of partial overlap VPN Domain. 

D. Route-based VPN’s replace domain-based VPN’s. 


Q402. - (Topic 4) 

Smart Reporterreports can be used to analyze data from a penetration-testing regimen in all of the following examples, EXCEPT: 

A. Possible worm/malware activity. 

B. Analyzing traffic patterns against public resources. 

C. Analyzing access attempts via social-engineering. 

D. Tracking attempted port scans. 


Q403. - (Topic 1) 

You are running aR76Security Gateway onSecure Platform. In case of a hardware failure, you have a server with the exact same hardware and firewall version installed. What backup method could be used to quickly put the secondary firewall into production? 

A. upgrade export 

B. manual backup 

C. snapshot 

D. backup 


Q404. - (Topic 8) 

A customer called to report one cluster member’s status as Down. What command should you use to identify the possible cause? 

A. tcpdump/snoop 

B. cphaprob list 

C. fw ctl pstat 

D. fw ctl debug -m cluster + forward 


Q405. - (Topic 5) 

Your network traffic requires preferential treatment by other routers on the network, in addition to the QoS Module, which Check Point QoS feature should you use? 

A. Guarantees 

B. Limits 

C. Differentiated Services 

D. Weighted Fair Queuing 

E. Low Latency Queuing 


Q406. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 8) 

Fill in the blank. To verify SecureXL statistics, you would use the command ________ . 

Answer: fwaccel stats 

Q407. - (Topic 1) 

Which of the following methods will provide the most complete backup of an R76configuration? 

A. Database Revision Control 

B. Policy Package Management 

C. Copying the directories $FWDIR\\conf and $CPDIR\\conf to another server 

D. upgrade exportcommand 


Q408. - (Topic 4) 

What type of packet does a VPN-1 SecureClient send to its Policy Server, to report its Secure Configuration Verification status? 

A. ICMP Port Unreachable 

B. TCP keep alive 

C. IKE Key Exchange 

D. ICMP Destination Unreachable 

E. UDP keep alive