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2016 Oct 156-315.77 study guide

Q141. - (Topic 4) 

Which external user authentication protocols are supported in SSL VPN? 

A. LDAP, Active Directory, SecurID 

B. DAP, SecurID, Check Point Password, OS Password, RADIUS, TACACS 

C. LDAP, RADIUS, Active Directory, SecurID 


Answer: B 

Q142. - (Topic 5) 

How would you configure a rule in a Security Policy to allow SIP traffic from end point Net_Ato end point Net_B, through an NGX Security Gateway? 

A. Net_A/Net_B/sip/accept 

B. Net_A/Net_B/sip and sip_any/accept 

C. Net_A/Net_B/VolP_any/accept 

D. Net_A/Net_BM3lP/accept 

Answer: A 

Q143. - (Topic 7) 

Which CLI tool helps on verifying proper ClusterXL sync? 

A. fw stat 

B. fw ctl sync 

C. fw ctl pstat 

D. cphaprob stat 

Answer: C 

Q144. - (Topic 3) 

TheSmart EventClient: 

A. analyzes each IPS log entry as it enters the Log server. 

B. displays the received events. 

C. adds events to the events database. 

D. assigns a severity level to an event. 

Answer: B 

Q145. - (Topic 5) 

What is the bit size of DES? 

A. 56 

B. 112 

C. 168 

D. 128 

E. 32 

F. 64 

Answer: A 

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Latest 156-315.77 exam question:

Q146. - (Topic 2) 

If you are experiencing LDAP issues, which of the following should you check? 

A. Secure Internal Communications (SIC) 

B. Domain name resolution 

C. Overlapping VPN Domains 

D. Connectivity between theR76Gateway and LDAP server 

Answer: D 

Q147. - (Topic 3) 

You want to establish a VPN, using certificates. Your VPN will exchange certificates with an external partner. Which of the following activities should you do first? 

A. Manually import your partner's Access Control List. 

B. Manually import your partner's Certificate Revocation List. 

C. Exchange exported CA keys and use them to create a new server object to represent your partner's Certificate Authority (CA). 

D. Create a new logical-server object to represent your partner's CA. 

Answer: C 

Q148. - (Topic 2) 

What configuration change must you make to change an existing ClusterXL cluster object from Multicast to Unicast mode? 

A. Reset Secure Internal Communications (SIC) on the cluster-member objects. Reinstall the Security Policy. 

B. Run cpstop and cpstart, to re-enable High Availability on both objects. Select Pivot mode in cpconfig. 

C. Change the cluster mode to Unicast on the cluster object. Reinstall the Security Policy. 

D. Change the cluster mode to Unicast on each of the cluster-member objects. 

Answer: C 

Q149. - (Topic 2) 

When Load Sharing Multicast mode is defined in a ClusterXL cluster object, how are packets being handled by cluster members? 

A. All members receive all packets. The Security Management Server decides which member will process the packets. Other members delete the packets from memory. 

B. All cluster members process all packets and members synchronize with each other. 

C. All members receive all packets. All members run an algorithm which determines which member processes packets further and which members delete the packet from memory. 

D. Only one member at a time is active. The active cluster member processes all packets. 

Answer: C 

Q150. - (Topic 1) 

In a zero downtime firewall cluster environment what command do you run to avoid switching problems around the cluster. 

A. cphaconf set mc_relod 

B. cphaconf set clear_subs 

C. cphaconf set_ccp broadcast 

D. cphaconf set_ccp multicast 

Answer: C