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Q9. You add a new rule to your Application and & URL filtering Rule Base. When you right- click on the action field, which action is not an option? 

A. Allow 

B. Drop 

C. Ask 

D. Inform 


Q10. When the Application Control Blade discovers an application, it will provide information on that application's simple properties. Which is an example of a simple property? 

A. No Standard Uninstaller 

B. Targets Children 

C. Uses stealth techniques 

D. Auto Start 


Q11. Using Event Viewer in SmartEvent,  a Security Administrator  discovers  that  the Application Blade has detected three applications: YouTube, Tor, and PC in IE. Of these three applications, which would be considered the most dangerous? 

A. Tor 

B. PC in IE 

C. YouTube 


Q12. To update both the Management  Server and the  Security Gateways with the latest Application Control data and applications, you must: 

A. Manually update the  Security Gateway, which will push  the update  out to the Management Server automatically. 

B. Manually update the Management Server, and run a scheduled update on the Security Gateway. 

C. Manually update the Management Server, then manually update the Security Gateway. 

D. Manually update the Management  Server, which will push the update out to the Security Gateway automatically. 


Q13. If you wanted to chart all Application Control and URL Filtering traffic by the number of events, what tool would you use? 

A. SmartEvent 

B. SmartView Tracker 

C. SmartView Monitor 

D. SmartReporter 


Q14. You want to view application traffic logs in real-time. Which tool would be BEST to use? 

A. SmartEvent Intro 

B. SmartView Monitor 

C. SmartView Tracker 

D. SmartEvent 


Q15. In setting up your first Application Control Policy for discovery, what is the BEST Rule Action to choose? 

A. Inform 

B. Alert 

C. Block 

D. Allow 


Q16. In what places can an access role be used? 

A. In the Application & URL Filtering rule base 

B. In the security rule base and DLP policy 

C. In the security rule base and in the Application & URL Filtering rule base 

D. Access roles can only replace the legacy authentication methods