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Q17. Which of these statements describes the Check Point ThreatCloud? 

A. A worldwide collaborative security network 

B. Prevents vulnerability exploits 

C. Controls access to web sites based on category 

D. Blocks or limits usage of web applications 


Q18. What is the minimum software version required for a Threat Emulation deployment? 

A. R76 or higher with Hotfix HF_001 for Threat Emulation 

B. R75.4x with SecurePlatform, R77 or higher with GaiA 

C. R77 or higher with GAiA (or SecurePlatform when using ThreatCloud) 

D. R75.47 or higher with GAiA (or SecurePlatform when using ThreatCloud) 


Q19. SmartEvent has several components that work together to help track down security threats. What is the function of the Correlation Unit as one of those components in the architecture? The Correlation Unit: 

A. connects with the SmartEvent Client when generating reports. 

B. analyzes each log entry as it enters a log server, according to the Event Policy; when a threat pattern is identified, an event is forwarded to the SmartEvent Server. 

C. collects syslog data from third party devices and saves them to the database. 

D. correlates all the identified threats with the consolidation policy. 


Q20. When configuring Anti-Bot & Anti-Virus, you notice the following error in the Update Status of the Gateways page: 

What is the most likely cause of this error? 

A. The Security Gateway is not licensed for Anti-Bot & Anti-Virus inspection. 

B. There are no updates available for the participating gateway. 

C. The Anti-Bot & Anti-Virus policy is not installed on the gateway. 

D. You do not have DNS or proxy settings configured for the gateway. 


Q21. Put these HTTPS traffic inspections steps in the correct order. 

a. Validates the web site’s server certificate 

b. Intercepts HTTPS requests 

c. Decrypts data from client and inspects clear text content 

d. Decrypts response from server and inspects clear text content 

e. Creates a certificate for use between gateway and client 

f. Encrypts data and sends data to web server 

g. Encrypts data and sends data to client 

h. Establishes a secure connection to the requested web site 

A. a, e, b, h, c, f, d, g 

B. a, b, f, d, c, g, h, e 

C. b, h, a, e, c, f, d, g 

D. a, b, e, f, d, c, g, h 


Q22. enforces or monitors traffic, based on the source or destination IP address of the country. 

A. IPS Recommended_Protections Profile 

B. Geo-protection 

C. Secure Web Gateway 

D. ThreatCloud 


Q23. When adding IPS to a gateway, which profile will be set? 

A. Default_Protection, but with all actions set to “Detect only” 

B. Default_Protection, but with all actions set to “Prevent” 

C. Default_Protection 

D. Recommended_Protection 


Q24. Looking at these logs, what happened at 10:55? 

A. An IPS rule was installed, causing IPS to temporarily stop working 

B. The Gateway was rebooted, causing IPS to temporarily stop working 

C. A new IPS policy was installed, causing IPS to temporarily stop working 

D. IPD Inspections were temporarily suspended, due to high load on the gateway