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Q73. - (Topic 4) 

Your perimeter Security Gateway’s external IP is Your network diagram shows: 

Required: Allow only network and to go out to the Internet, using 

The local network needs to use to go out to the Internet. 

Assuming you enable all the settings in the NAT page of Global Properties, how could you achieve these requirements? 

A. Create network objects for and Enable Hide NAT on both network objects, using as hiding IP address. Add an ARP entry for for the MAC address of 

B. Create an Address Range object, starting from to Enable Hide NAT on the NAT page of the address range object. Enter Hiding IP address Add an ARP entry for for the MAC address of 

C. Create a network object Enable Hide NAT on the NAT page. Enter as the hiding IP address. Add an ARP entry for for the MAC address of 

D. Create two network objects: and Add the two network objects to a group object. Create a manual NAT rule like the following: Original source -group object; Destination - any; Service - any; Translated source -; Destination - original; Service - original. 


Q74. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 14) 

Type the full cphaprob command and syntax that will show full synchronization status. 

Answer: cphaprob -i list 

Q75. - (Topic 7) 

Which of the following allows administrators to allow or deny traffic to or from a specific network based on the user’s credentials? 

A. Access Policy 

B. Access Role 

C. Access Rule 

D. Access Certificate 


Q76. - (Topic 2) 

When restoring R77 using the command upgrade_import, which of the following items are NOT restored? 

A. SIC Certificates 

B. Licenses 

C. Route tables 

D. Global properties 


Q77. - (Topic 9) 

How granular may an administrator filter an Access Role with identity awareness? Per: 

A. Specific ICA Certificate 

B. AD User 

C. Radius Group 

D. Windows Domain 


Q78. - (Topic 6) 

Your users are defined in a Windows 2008 R2 Active Directory server. You must add LDAP users to a Client Authentication rule. Which kind of user group do you need in the Client Authentication rule in R77? 

A. External-user group 

B. LDAP group 

C. A group with a generic user 

D. All Users 


Q79. - (Topic 5) 

Which Security Gateway R77 configuration setting forces the Client Authentication authorization time-out to refresh, each time a new user is authenticated? The: 

A. Time properties, adjusted on the user objects for each user, in the Client Authentication rule Source. 

B. IPS > Application Intelligence > Client Authentication > Refresh User Timeout option enabled. 

C. Refreshable Timeout setting, in Client Authentication Action Properties > Limits. 

D. Global Properties > Authentication parameters, adjusted to allow for Regular Client Refreshment. 


Q80. - (Topic 5) 

The technical-support department has a requirement to access an intranet server. When configuring a User Authentication rule to achieve this, which of the following should you remember? 

A. You can only use the rule for Telnet, FTP, SMTP, and rlogin services. 

B. The Security Gateway first checks if there is any rule that does not require authentication for this type of connection before invoking the Authentication Security Server. 

C. Once a user is first authenticated, the user will not be prompted for authentication again until logging out. 

D. You can limit the authentication attempts in the User Properties’ Authentication tab.