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2016 Sep 199-01 test question

Q71. When deploying policy-based routing for multiple Steelhead appliances in a cluster, the router should be configured to: (Select 2)

A. Set IP next-hop address to the virtual IP address of the Steelhead appliance cluster

B. Set IP next-hop addresses for each Steelhead appliance

C. Check the state level information on each Steelhead appliance via SLA or CDP

D. Auto-detect the Steelhead appliance clustering protocol

E. Check the state level information on the virtual IP address of the Steelhead appliance cluster

Answer: BC

Q72. After upgrading the Steelhead Mobile Controller to the latest software release, it requires a reboot. During the reboot, what would happen to the users connected to the Steelhead Mobile Controller via the Steelhead Mobile client?

A. All optimization ceases to function

B. Existing connections are reset, but subsequent connections will be optimized

C. The Steelhead Mobile client informs the user to reboot their computer

D. No disruption to the end user

E. Only Layer 7 optimization is affected; all other optimization remain unaffected

Answer: D

Q73. Refer to the exhibit.

What option in the Acceleration policy used on Steelhead Mobile Client A will most likely enhance the users experience connecting to Server B, if Server B is an Exchange 2003 Server?


B. Increase the datastore size

C. Enable latency-based location awareness

D. Enable SSL optimization and import the Exchange certificate for Server B into Steelhead B

E. Peering rule rejecting optimization with Steelhead A

Answer: C

Q74. If the VPN concentrator that a Steelhead Mobile client connects to is not in path with a Steelhead appliance, what changes could be made to the Riverbed infrastructure to allow optimization from the Steelhead Mobile clients?

A. Enable out-of-path support on server-side Steelhead

B. Add a fixed-target rule in the Steelhead Mobile Acceleration policy

C. Enable peering rule in Steelhead Mobile client

D. B and C

E. A and B

Answer: E

Q75. Refer to the HTTP trace exhibit.

You noticed in the HTTP reports that you are not seeing any hits. What is required in order for HTTP optimization to work?

A. Client request is missing the "Cache" header

B. Keep-alive timeout on the server it too short

C. Server does not support HTTP 1.1 extensions

D. The "Content-Length" is too long. The HTTP blade can only handle 16K of data.

E. Server is not setting a cookie

Answer: E

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Regenerate 199-01 practice exam:

Q76. The Optimization service has been disabled on a Steelhead appliance. Which of the following events occur as a result?

A. LAN and WAN interfaces stop intercepting

B. Primary interface becomes disabled

C. AUX interface becomes disabled

D. The Steelhead appliance reboots

Answer: A

Q77. How is peer affinity reset in the CLI for an Interceptor appliance cluster?

A. "peer affinity reset" on all Interceptors

B. "neighbor reset" on all Steelheads

C. "service restart" on all Interceptors

D. "neighbor reset" on all Interceptors

Answer: C

Q78. Under what circumstances would there be GRE traffic between the Interceptor and Steelhead appliances?

A. Throughout the entire lifespan of a connection

B. During connection teardown

C. During connection setup

D. GRE is not used but L2 is used during the entire connection

E. GRE is never used between the Interceptor and Steelhead appliances

Answer: C

Q79. The port used by the Steelhead appliance for datastore synchronizations is:

A. 7801

B. 7810

C. 7744

D. 7850

Answer: C

Q80. While looking at the Current Connections page on a client-side Steelhead, you noticed that there is more CIFS traffic on the WAN than on the LAN for some connections. What may be the problem?

1) The source data is compressed or encrypted

2) File server not located on the same subnet as the server-side Steelhead

3) The Steelhead is counting both CIFS optimized and unoptimized traffic

4) CIFS read-ahead

5) CIFS write-behind

A. 1, 4

B. 4, 5

C. 1, 2, 3

D. 1, 2, 5

E. 3, 5

Answer: A