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Q41. What are the capabilities of an Interceptor appliance? (Select 3)

A. Peer affinity

B. Sequential rule processing

C. Intelligent forwarding

D. Basic in-path rules for pushing to the Steelhead appliance cluster

E. Centralize reporting of all Steelhead appliances in the enterprise

Answer: ABC

Q42. Refer to the exhibit.

What configuration option is most relevant on Steelhead A to enable Steelhead Mobile Client R to set up the most efficient optimized connection to Server B?

A. Enhanced auto-discovery

B. Simplified Routing

C. no in-path peering manual enable

D. in-path rule pass rulenum start

E. in-path peering rule pass rulenum 1

Answer: A

Q43. Hybrid Mode can best be defined as a combination of:

A. Physical in-path and WCCP

B. Physical/virtual in-path and server-side out-of-path

C. Physical/virtual in-path and PBR

D. A and B

E. A, B, and C

Answer: B

Q44. How can you provide updates to multiple Steelhead Mobile clients at the same time? (Select 2)

A. Using profiles

B. Using multiple Steelhead Mobile Controllers

C. Using Group IDs

D. Using policies

Answer: CD

Q45. The secure vault on the CMC appliancE. (Select 3)

A. Is always enabled and uses AES 256-bit encryption

B. Can be enabled and supports 128, 192 and 256-bit AES encryption

C. Is always enabled and opens by default at startup if the secure vault password has not been changed

D. Has a default password which, if changed, means that it will need to be opened manually after each startup

E. Contains all configuration and SSL information

Answer: ACD

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Q46. If a Steelhead appliance is configured for logical in-path mode:

A. The Primary interface cannot be on the same subnet

B. The LAN In-path interface will be disabled

C. The WAN In-path interface will be disabled

D. The Steelhead appliance listens for the Interceptor on TCP port 7860 

Answer: B

Q47. A single client-server TCP connection is made through two Steelhead appliances (default in-path deployment). This is a lab-controlled environment and no other client-server connections are made. How many TCP connections will exist between the in-path interfaces of both Steelhead appliances after the user connection is fully established?

A. 1

B. 20

C. 22

D. 42

Answer: C

Q48. Can you optimize FTP using Steelhead Mobile?

A. Yes, this is possible on all FTP modes

B. When using active FTP

C. When using passive FTP

D. It is not possible to optimize FTP traffic

E. Only when there is no firewall enabled

Answer: C

Q49. What Steelhead appliance models support the installation of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 package on the RSP? (Select 2)

A. 1050

B. 250

C. 550

D. 3020

Answer: AD

Q50. You are troubleshooting a new Steelhead Mobile installation where none of the VPN users with Steelhead Mobile client installed are being optimized. You determine that the Steelhead appliance in the data center is not in-path for VPN users. What are your options to fix this? (Select 2)

A. Use the Steelhead in an out-of-path deployment using fixed-target rules in the Steelhead appliance

B. Use the Steelhead in a hybrid in-path/out-of-path deployment using fixed-target rules in the Steelhead Mobile client

C. Put the Steelhead appliance in-path on the VPN concentrator segment using a multi-port NIC

D. Install the Steelhead Mobile Controller on the VPN segment

Answer: BC