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2016 Oct 199-01 exams

Q11. When enabling WCCP v2 support, what does a multicast TTL value of 1 imply?

A. This enables WCCP v2 support

B. The Steelhead appliance uses a multicast scope of 1 hop

C. This enables WCCP multicast

D. This enables WCCP unicast

Answer: B

Q12. You have outgrown your current Steelhead appliance and want to copy the datastore from your exiting Steelhead 550 appliance to a new 2050 Steelhead appliance. What feature would you use to synchronize the different model Steelhead appliance datastores?

A. Export/Import operation function

B. Copy the datastore file system

C. "datastore send" command

D. Copying the configuration files

E. This cannot be done on Steelhead appliances

Answer: E

Q13. What type of configuration must be used on a Steelhead appliance in order to communicate with an Interceptor appliance?

A. In-path

B. Out-of-path

C. Logical in-path

D. Physical in-path Hybrid Mode

Answer: C

Q14. Refer to the exhibit.

A customer is reporting that the first connection from a user to the server is failing. However, subsequent connections work properly and are optimized. How can this problem best be resolved?

A. Fixed-target rule

B. Enable RIP/OSPF on the routers

C. Enable Simplified Routing

D. Enable QoS

E. Enable RIP/OSPF on the Steelhead appliances

Answer: C

Q15. What methods can the CMC appliance use to provide notification of CMC system events? (Select 3)

A. Email


C. SNMP traps

D. Syslog

Answer: ACD

Regenerate 199-01 exam answers:

Q16. The default setting for "allow failure" in the Interceptor appliance version 2.0 is: (Select 2)

A. Is configurable

B. Is not configurable

C. Enabled by default

D. Disabled by default

Answer: AD

Q17. The primary data center Interceptor is configured to fail-to-block. What best describes the result of stopping the Interceptor appliance service?

A. All traffic passes through the Interceptor appliance

B. The Interceptor allows UDP traffic to pass-through, but blocks all TCP traffic

C. Previously optimized connections continue to be redirected, but new TCP connections are passed through

D. All traffic through the Interceptor will be blocked

E. The Interceptor appliance communicates to the Steelhead appliances to disable their optimization service

Answer: D

Q18. Using an Interceptor appliance is an alternative to what network designs? (Select 2)



C. Connection Forwarding

D. Fixed-target rules

E. Peering rules

Answer: AB

Q19. What is the default Load Balancing rule on an Interceptor appliance?

A. Redirect

B. Allow

C. Auto

D. Pass-through

Answer: C

Q20. When using SSL, what is the purpose of peer authentication?

A. Register peers

B. Confirm the identity of the peer

C. Establish sessions

D. Verify the user permissions

E. Authenticate the client to the server

Answer: B