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2016 Sep 1D0-520 exam

Q141. What distinguishes directories from search engines?

A. Directories locate the links to the site, not the actual site

B. Directories find only web advertisers

C. Directories use an automated process to find sites

D. Directories list only sites that are manually submitted

Answer: D

Q142. The ALT attribute of the <img> tag can do what?

A. Provide info to impaired software

B. Indicate the type of client that is viewing the image

C. Designate an alternative image source

D. Over ride browser settings to display the image

Answer: A

Q143. An HTML 4 document is composed of which of the following parts (Three):

A. a line containing HTML version information

B. a declarative header section

C. a body, which contains the document's actual content

D. None of the choices.

Answer: ABC

Q144. XML's flexibility dependent on which one of the following?

A. Server capacity

B. HTML compatibility

C. Server-side development

D. Browser development

Answer: D

Q145. Jason needs to create a table with four columns and six rows. Which of the following attributes must he include in the <td> tag to allow the first cell to span across the entire width of the table?

A. rowspan="6"

B. colspan="4"

C. width="100%"

D. colspan="6"

Answer: B

1D0-520 test question

Renewal 1D0-520 exam answers:

Q146. The <frameset> tag can specify colours in what?

A. Pixels or %

B. Inches or centimetres

C. Whole or decimal figures

D. Whole figures or fractions

Answer: C

Q147. What is known as the planning team's concise statement of core goals, values, and intent that provides the ultimate policy direction for everything that comes next?

A. site specification

B. project preview

C. post project meeting

D. site design draft

Answer: A

Q148. Tom wants to display <li> list elements in a row. What should he add to his style sheet?

A. li {display:inline}

B. li {display:block}

C. ul {display:inline}

D. li {layout:inline}

Answer: A

Q149. You are creating a Web site that uses a large graphics image containing more than 256 colors on its main page. You do not want to reduce the image size or the resolution. One method to reduce the perceived load time of the graphic is to:

A. convert the file into a GIF 89a format.

B. reduce the color depth of the image.

C. divide the image into slices.

D. convert the image into a BMP2 format.

Answer: C

Q150. What is another name for the staging server?

A. Live server

B. Production server

C. Development server

D. Redundant server

Answer: C