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Q137. Suandi is documenting the technology choices of his Web development team. In the document, he explains his reasons for using JavaScript as a development language on the client side because:


B. it was specifically developed for use with the Internet Explorer Web browser.

C. it is best suited for open-source browsers.

D. it is compatible with the widest variety of Web browsers.

Answer: D

Q138. A college is considering allowing podcasting on its student Web site. What should be done to ensure that the site meets the college's strict accessibility policy?

A. Convert all transmissions into the Ogg Vorbis format, which is easily accessible using additional audio plug-ins.

B. Require a text-only version of each audio transmission from the site.

C. Create an alternative page that does not list the audio files.

D. Create a disclaimer on the page for the audio file format and site visitors who are hard-of-hearing.

Answer: B

Q139. You can divide the file size by the connection speed to calculate an estimate of what?

A. The amount of time required to download a Web page

B. The hard drive space required to store a Web page

C. The database requirements for a Web site

D. The time required to upload user information to a Web page

Answer: A

Q140. If a site uses both a linked style sheet and a style header block, what will happen?

A. The linked style sheet overrides the style header block

B. The style header block overrides the linked style sheet

C. The linked style sheet modifies the style header block for consistency

D. The style header block modifies the linked style sheet for consistency

Answer: B

Q141. What negative effect can occur if a developer uses too many proprietary extensions when developing a web site?

A. Some browsers may not support the extensions

B. Advertising banners must be smaller

C. The proprietary extensions can become corrupted

D. Directories will change higher fees for listing the web site

Answer: A

Q142. Several different layout formats exist. Which is the most commonly used layout format?

A. Top margin

B. Distributed left and top margin

C. Distributed right and top margin

D. Distributed

Answer: B

Q143. Which of the following techniques helps stop a denial-of-service (DOS) attack in which an attacker has sent multiple ICMP or TCP packets to crash a Web server on the Internet?

A. Changing passwords on a regular basis

B. Placing the database and the Web server on separate systems

C. Installing Apache server rather than Microsoft IIS

D. Filtering traffic at the firewall

Answer: D

Q144. Your new customer, Chattawa, is the education coordinator for Bluelake County Schools. He has asked you to design a Web site to teach school personnel in aboriginal issues. He presents you with a report about current concerns that aboriginal children's learning styles are not being addressed in the school system. He suggests that you reproduce the report online and add aboriginal art in the margins. Whose perspective should you take as you design the site?

A. The education coordinator's perspective

B. The site user's perspective

C. The school administration's perspective

D. Your perspective

Answer: B