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Q113. Which measurement is used in web design to ensure that all audiences can view a page layout without horizontal scrolling?

A. Monitor size


C. Browser type

D. Resolution

Answer: D

Q114. What are used to markup sections of the document that have been inserted or deleted with respect to a different version of a document?

A. INS and DEL

B. INS and ERA

C. ADD and DEL

D. None of the choices.

Answer: A

Q115. What distinguishes directories from search engines?

A. Directories locate the links to the site, not the actual site

B. Directories find only web advertisers

C. Directories use an automated process to find sites

D. Directories list only sites that are manually submitted

Answer: D

Q116. Which of the following is true with regard to creating an XML application?

A. The application must always be run from a Web server.

B. XML must always be embedded with XHTML, not HTML.

C. The tags can use uppercase and lowercase characters.

D. The application must be able to determine page structure if it is used on a Web page.

Answer: C

Q117. At which stage should you define the interactive functionality and technology support required for your web site?

A. Site definition and planning

B. Information architecture

C. Site design

D. Site construction

Answer: A

Q118. Warren wants to read a Request For Comments (RFC) about e-mail protocols. Which URL provides the most reliable information?

A. www.rfc.org

B. www.rfc-editor.com

C. www.rfc-editor.org

D. www.w3.org

Answer: C

Q119. Image slicing involves:

A. merging several small image files into a single large image file to simplify placement on the Web page.

B. creating an animated GIF file from a single large image file to decrease perceived download time.

C. selecting rectangular sections of a larger graphic to be divided into smaller images during export.

D. selecting sections of a single image and saving them as separate JPG files in a specially created folder.

Answer: C

Q120. The ALT attribute of the <img> tag can do what?

A. Provide info to impaired software

B. Indicate the type of client that is viewing the image

C. Designate an alternative image source

D. Over ride browser settings to display the image

Answer: A