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Q73. Which of the following steps are necessary for installing a payment gateway? 

A. Choose an e-commerce solution and establish shipping and taxation options. 

B. Contact credit card organizations and link the gateway to the customer database. 

C. Set up an Automated Clearing House account and obtain a shopping-cart system. 

D. Determine payment methods and configure the gateway to work with the e-commerce solution. 


Q74. Mortimer is creating an e-business site for an international supplier of exotic flower bulbs. Many customers are loyal purchase-club members. He has decided to use a virtual catalog in the construction of the site. Which of the following practices pertaining to implementing a virtual catalog should be avoided? 

A. Managing pricing in multiple currencies 

B. Implementing special pricing rules for club members 

C. Making multiple base catalogs appear as a single catalog to customer 

D. Adding new items to the virtual catalog to add duplicate database entries 


Q75. Which of the following is the most effective strategy for conducting an opt-in e-mail marketing campaign? 

A. Send e-mail messages once a day to initial contacts for the first two weeks. 

B. Send e-mail messages once every two weeks to follow up on an initial contact. 

C. Create an executable Java application as an e-mail attachment that describes the company. 

D. Create an executable ActiveX application as an e-mail attachment that describes the company. 


Q76. Alcazar wants to host three Web sites on the same computer, and to use SSL for transactions on each site. Which of the following methods for hosting multiple Web sites would be most suitable? 

A. Use three separate ports. 

B. Bind three IP addresses to the server. 

C. Use three separate host header names. 

D. Use server virtualization software to run multiple operating systems. 


Q77. You have just obtained a signed digital certificate from a certificate authority. What is the next step you should take? 

A. Sign the certificate. 

B. Install the certificate. 

C. Export the certificate. 

D. Publish the certificate. 


Q78. What are the basic steps for retrieving data for display? 

A. Predefine SQL strings, authenticate, format for display. 

B. Define the server name, name the database, authenticate the credentials. 

C. Connect to a database server, pass the SQL command, retrieve the results. 

D. Authenticate to a database server, format for display, retrieve the data results. 


Q79. What is the most accurate way to determine the number of visits to a Web site? 

A. Install a hit counter. 

B. Use a tracking service. 

C. Measure server bandwidth used. 

D. Use automatic e-mail notification. 


Q80. What is the single most important result of any marketing strategy? 

A. Number of products sold 

B. Dollars generated in sales 

C. Return On Investment (ROI) 

D. Cost of the marketing campaign