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Q33. The details of an e-commerce site order can be kept in memory, stored on the visitor's computer or stored on the Web server. This ability to remember the details of an order is known as: 

A. profiling an order. 

B. tracking an order. 

C. persisting an order. 

D. filling the shopping cart. 


Q34. Carly has requested a digital certificate for her Web site. Instructions for downloading and installing the new certificate will be: 

A. sent to Carly's e-mail address. 

B. sent to Carly by postal service. 

C. provided only on Carly's request. 

D. remotely installed on Carly's Web server. 


Q35. You are logged on to a Linux system. You suspect a problem with the system's MySQL database server. Which of the following files will contain relevant information pertaining to the failure? 

A. ~root/.error 

B. /var/log/messages 

C. /var/run/lock/mysql 

D. ~root/.database_error 


Q36. Before you can conduct usability testing, you should: 

A. identify your potential customers. 

B. identify browser compatibility issues. 

C. publish your site to a production server. 

D. identify the most-traveled path of your site. 


Q37. Tom has encountered a problem with the Apache server installation on his company's server. Because he does not have an immediate solution to the problem, he should contact: 

A. the Apache Help desk. 

B. the Apache service staff. 

C. the Apache live Help service. 

D. the Apache user online forum. 


Q38. Which of the following is a disadvantage of an online storefront? 

A. High software costs 

B. Difficulty of administration 

C. Lack of control over security 

D. Specialized hardware requirements 


Q39. The daily number of visitors to Cathy's site has increased by 600 percent and the current server configuration is beginning to drop requests. Cathy has decided to scale out the Web site by adding servers that will function as a server farm to host the company site. Adding servers in this way is known as: 

A. cloning. 

B. fail-over. 

C. clustering. 

D. scaling up. 


Q40. Which of the following describes a root certificate authority (CA)? 

A. A CA that cannot be brought offline 

B. A CA that has an unlimited validity period 

C.   A CA that uses LDAP to transmit its credentials to other CAs 

D.  A CA that signs its own certificate and certifies itself as legitimate