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Q11. Customers use your company's software to receive real-time weather reports. One of the company's software developers has proposed creating a second application that installs at the same time as the weather software, but operates in the background and reports user preferences and other information to your company. What is the name for this type of application? 

A. Daemon 

B. Spyware 

C. Freeware 

D. Value-add 


Q12. Most e-commerce servers use a to connect to a relational database. 

A. definition script 

B. connection string 

C. secure set identifier 

D. Document Type Definition (DTD) 


Q13. You are considering payment methods for a business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce site. 

Which payment method would be most appropriate for your needs? 

A. Cash on delivery (c.o.d.) 

B. Purchase order and post-purchase billing 

C. Purchase request and pre-purchase billing 

D. Advance payment using check or money order 


Q14. What step would be appropriate before launching an e-commerce site with a newly installed payment gateway? 

A. Contact the issuing bank to verify connections. 

B. Contact the acquiring bank to verify connections. 

C. Test the system using various payment methods. 

D. Register the gateway with accepted credit card issuers. 


Q15. In evaluating the various Web server, database and scripting-language options available for her company, Lindsay notices that Apache server, MySQL and PHP can be: 

A. purchased separately. 

B. licensed for a maximum of five years. 

C. run on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Solaris operating systems. 

D. easily administered by anyone with no Web application experience. 


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Q16. The certificate authority (CA) cryptographically signs a certificate file with its private key. Anyone can verify the certificate signature with the public key. This is known as: 

A. hash encryption. 

B. binary-key encryption. 

C. symmetric-key encryption. 

D. asymmetric-key encryption. 


Q17. Increasing the ability of a Web server to support a greater workload by increasing the resources on the server (for example, memory, processor speed, number of processors) is known as: 

A. sizing up. 

B. clustering. 

C. scaling up. 

D. scaling out. 


Q18. Which of the following is an example of just-in-time (JIT) delivery? 

A. Obtaining the product only after supplies have run out 

B. Obtaining and developing items as customers demand the product 

C. Storing the product in parts until customers demand the assembled product 

D. Warehousing large amounts of assembled goods as customers demand the product 


Q19. Which of the following is the most effective strategy for conducting an opt-in e-mail marketing campaign? 

A. Send e-mail messages once a day to initial contacts for the first two weeks. 

B. Send e-mail messages once every two weeks to follow up on an initial contact. 

C. Create an executable Java application as an e-mail attachment that describes the company. 

D. Create an executable ActiveX application as an e-mail attachment that describes the company. 


Q20. You have posted your e-commerce site on a staging server. Which of the following most effectively ensures that your site will provide a satisfying experience for users? 

A. Engaging in role playing in order to test the site 

B. Implementing Web site stress-testing software 

C. Using design techniques to ensure symmetrical balance 

D. Using design techniques to ensure asymmetrical balance