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2016 Nov 1D0-525 rapidshare

Q31. Which of the following terms describes a level of a supply chain? 

A. Tier 

B. Unit 

C. Block 

D. Group 


Q32. Under Secure Electronic Transactions (SET), which three parties involved in a transaction are required to use the SET protocol? 

A. The merchant, the bank, the customer 

B. The wholesaler, the merchant, the bank 

C. The broker, the merchant, the customer 

D. The customer, the credit card company, the bank 


Q33. What is the term for using a single secret key to both encrypt and decrypt your data? 

A. Hash encryption 

B. Binary-key encryption 

C. Symmetric-key encryption 

D. Asymmetric-key encryption 


Q34. Blogads are: 

A. ads placed in a Web log. 

B. banner exchange programs. 

C. a low-traffic segment of the Internet. 

D. ads viewed by younger, less affluent users. 


Q35. Marty included a banner ad for her online MP3 player store on a music download Web site. She found that 72 percent of users who visited the site via banner ad click through became customers. Which of the following is the term for this percentage? 

A. Exposure rate 

B. Purchase rate 

C. Conversion rate 

D. Clickthrough rate 


Replace 1D0-525 test question:

Q36. Many items can be included in the e-mail order confirmation sent to a customer after an order is completed. What should these items include at a minimum? 

A. The date, an order summary and a shipping tracking number 

B. A shipping address, an order summary and company contact information 

C. Links to more products, product promotions and coupons for future purchases 

D. The customer name, the credit card number used and the total credit card charge 


Q37. Which of the following segments first used blogs as an Internet marketing tool? 

A. Small businesses 

B. Large corporations 

C. Government agencies 

D. Mainstream advertisers 


Q38. Maggie is developing a site that allows purchases to be made online. What technology should she use to enable security measures on this site? 






Q39. A payment gateway routes payment information between the: 

A. shopping cart and the processor. 

B. customer account and the issuing bank. 

C. merchant account and the acquiring bank. 

D. merchant account and the customer account. 


Q40. Which of the following most completely describes a Sharable Content Object (SCO)? 

A. An asset described by metadata 

B. A system that centrally stores assets 

C. A Rich Site Summary (RSS) that aggregates content 

D. A Java applet or ActiveX control that aggregates and sequences data