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2016 Nov 1D0-525 exam engine

Q41. What is the name of the electronic funds transfer (EFT) system governed by the United States and designed to provide the clearing of electronic payments between banks? 

A. The National Clearing House (NCH) network 

B. The Automated Clearing House (ACH) network 

C. The Receiving Depository Financial Institution (RDFI) 

D. The Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI) 


Q42. What type of storefront would be most appropriate for an individually owned business that deals in items without a set retail price, such as antiques? 

A. Online portal 

B. Auction package 

C. Instant storefront 

D. In-house solution 


Q43. What is the result of an e-commerce HTTP server that processes the input queue at a rate equal to or greater than that of incoming requests? 

A. A bottleneck occurs. 

B. Network bandwidth decreases. 

C. The server performs adequately. 

D. The site visitor experiences a delay. 


Q44. Which of the following statements about PayPal is accurate? 

A. PayPal does not offer currency conversion for international customers. 

B. Your customers will be directed away from your site for payment processing. 

C. PayPal does not allow your customers to use major credit cards for purchases. 

D. Payment processing uses weak encryption standards and is vulnerable to fraud. 


Q45. Which of the following is often used in place of photo identification and a signature whenever a credit card is used in an e-commerce transaction? 

A. Billing address verification 

B. The purchaser's public key 

C. Cookies deposited by the site's shopping cart 

D. Information verified by a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) company 


Improved 1D0-525 exam prep:

Q46. What is the most accurate way to determine the number of visits to a Web site? 

A. Install a hit counter. 

B. Use a tracking service. 

C. Measure server bandwidth used. 

D. Use automatic e-mail notification. 


Q47. What security protocol typically allows Web-based applications to pass data securely by providing an encrypted channel? 






Q48. Which of the following segments first used blogs as an Internet marketing tool? 

A. Small businesses 

B. Large corporations 

C. Government agencies 

D. Mainstream advertisers 


Q49. Vera's new e-business failed in its second year because inventory levels were constantly depleted and she was unable to satisfy order fulfillment. The most likely underlying reason for the failure may be that Vera's business plan did not address: 

A. customer demographics. 

B. supply chain management. 

C. inventory storage requirements. 

D. marketing strategies and tactics. 


Q50. Which of the following is a primary concern when configuring a shopping-cart system? 

A. The initial connection cost 

B. Compatibility with ODBC and ASP 

C. Payment gateway support of SSL/TLS 

D. Compatibility with the payment gateway