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2016 Dec 1D0-525 real exam

Q61. Which of the following is the most efficient strategy for detecting an attack on your company's e-commerce site? 

A. Conducting an audit 

B.  Reviewing system logs 

C. Testing password strength 

D. Teaching employees about social engineering 


Q62. Which of the following pieces of information will best help you determine the number of transactions your database server can accommodate? 

A. Maximum uptime requirements 

B.  Minimum installation requirements 

C. The number of database tables required 

D. The number of concurrent user connections 


Q63. Which of the following security threats is reduced by a strong password policy? 

A. Pharming attacks 

B. Database tampering 

C. Buffer overflow attacks 

D. Denial-of-service attacks 


Q64. Which of the following marketing models is characterized by a complementary venture between two or more companies that join  together in production,  distribution or marketing in order to achieve individual goals? 

A. B2C market 

B.  Open market 

C. Vertical market 

D. Horizontal market 


Q65. Which of the following demonstrates the importance of manual transaction processing? 

A. It enables vendors to receive multiple orders of different items. 

B. It enables customers to send an item to an alternative address. 

C. It enables vendors to complete a customer return request by telephone. 

D. It enables customers to use a dial-up connection to perform a transaction. 


Avant-garde 1D0-525 sample question:

Q66. In credit card transactions, which of the following occurs during the settlement phase? 

A. Credit card information is passed to a payment gateway. 

B.  The processor verifies the credit card through the issuing bank. 

C. The acquiring bank transfers money to the merchant's account. 

D. The customer enters credit card information on a Web site and confirms the order. 


Q67. Which organization is responsible for regulating the process of importing and exporting goods? 

A. Customs 

B. Exchange 

C. World Bank 

D. Port Authority 


Q68. Denying that a payment transaction took place is known as: 

A. repudiation. 

B. nonrepudiation. 

C. poor data integrity. 

D. negative authentication. 


Q69. Some Web servers can be configured to listen for HTTP requests for multiple Web sites on a single server. Which of the following steps can be taken to configure multiple Web sites to use port 80 as their default and to secure transactions? 

A. Use separate host header names for each Web site. 

B. Configure the firewall to accept multiple HTTP requests. 

C. Bind multiple IP addresses to a single NIC on the server. 

D. Install IIS and Apache on the same server to host multiple Web sites. 


Q70. Tomas receives multiple e-mail notices after he successfully places an online order with a book retailer. What is the customary sequence of order e-mail notices? 

A. Order shipped, order processed, order charged to the credit card 

B. Order address verified, order shipped, order charged to the credit card 

C. Order fulfilled, order processed, order shipped with tracking number assigned 

D. Order processed, order status confirmed, order shipped with tracking number