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Q25. Which characteristic is an advantage of a database management system? 

A. Data files are owned and maintained by the users. 

B. Database administration is simplified. 

C. A standard method can be used to access the database. 

D. Data is decentralized. 


Q26. Which statement accurately describes a characteristic of attributes? 

A. The ordering of attributes in a table is significant. 

B. An attribute contains values from multiple domains. 

C. An attribute name can be used only once per table. 

D. An attribute name can be used only once in a relational database system with multiple tables. 


Q27. Consider the relation shown in the exhibit. Which of the following SQL statements would return a relation that excludes all customers with a Satisfaction_Rate of less than or equal to 80 unless the Sales_Office is located in Atlanta? 

A. SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE Satisfaction_Rate > 80 OR Sales_Office = Atlanta 

B. SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE Satisfaction_Rate <= 80 AND Sales_Office = Atlanta 

C. SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE Satisfaction_Rate >= 80; 

D. SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE Satisfaction_Rate >= 80 AND NOT Sales Office = Atlanta 


Q28. Consider the following SQL statement and the Orders relation shown in the exhibit: 

What is the output of this SQL statement? 


FROM Orders 

WHERE NOT (Amount < 1000 

AND Sales_Rep_No = 210); 

A. A 

B. B 

C. C 

D. D 


Q29. Which of the following occurs in a relation when records are added or removed? 

A. The number of domains changes. 

B. The attributes in the domain change. 

C. The cardinality of the relation is fixed but the degree varies. 

D. The degree of the relation is fixed but the cardinality varies. 


Q30. The creation of intermediate entities occurs during the logical database design phase for an enterprise. It is used to resolve which types of relationships? 

A. One-to-many and recursive 

B. Complex, recursive, and many-to-many 

C. Redundant, recursive, and one-to-many 

D. One-to-many and one-to-one 


Q31. Which term describes an attribute or combination of attributes that uniquely identifies a row in a relation? 

A. Entity 

B. Domain 

C. Primary key 

D. Attribute group 


Q32. Which of the following is a characteristic of the three-tier database architecture? 

A. A Web browser is used as the application server. 

B. The application logic is centralized on a dedicated server. 

C. A thick client is used to perform business application logic functions locally. 

D. Database application logic and database functionality are integrated and reside on a common server.