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Q9. Which of the following definitions applies to all types of databases? 

A. Data that is stored as tables 

B. Software that manipulates data 

C. Data that is stored in a structured manner 

D. Data recordsthat are stored sequentially in a file 


Q10. Which type of dependency occurs when one attribute of a composite key is removed and the dependency still exists? 

A. 1:1 

B. Transitive 

C. Functional 

D. Partial functional 


Q11. The exhibit shows a table called Housing Relation that relates a unique student identification number with a dormitory building and a room fee for that building. Each building charges only one fee and a student can live in only one building. The key for the Housing Relation is Student_ID. 

This table is in which normal form? 

A. S_Date and E_Date 

B. ProjJD 

C. ltem_Num and E_Date 

D. Proj_ID and Item_Num 


Q12. What is a domain? 

A. A normalized set of data applicable to a particular relation 

B. A combination of attributes for a relation 

C. A definition of permissible values for one or more attributes 

D. A set of permissible values for one or more relations 


Q13. What is the highest normal form of the relation(s) shown in the exhibit? 

A. Third normal form 

B. Second normal form 

C. No normal form 

D. First normal form 


Q14. Which subset of Structured Query Language (SQL) is used to create and name database entities? 

A. Data Query Language 

B. Database Entity Language 

C. Data Definition Language 

D. Data Manipulation Language 


Q15. Which relational algebraic operation is used to select specific columns (attributes) from a relation? 

A. Union 

B. Difference 

C. Projection 

D. Intersection 


Q16. Consider the following relation definition: 

STUDENT( Student_Number: integer NOT NULL Name: variable length character string length 20 NOT NULL) Primary Key Student_Number HOUSING( Housing_ID: integer NOT NULL Student_Number: integer NOT NULL Building: variable length character string length 25 NOT NULL) Primary Key Housing_ID Foreign Key Student_Number References STUDENT(Student_Number) ON DELETE NO CHECK ON UPDATE 

Which integrity constraint is violated in this relation definition? 

A. Entity integrity 

B. Domain constraint 

C. Referential integrity 

D. Enterprise constraint 

Answer: C