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Q25. You have just deployed an application that uses hash-based checksums to monitor changes in the configuration scripts of a database server that is accessible via the Internet. Which of the following is a primary concern for this solution?

A. The extra hard disk space required to store the database of checksums

B. The amount of memory remaining now that the checksum-based application is running

C. The possibility of a bufferoverflow attack leading to a security breach

D. The security of the checksum database on a read-only media format

Answer: D

Q26. Consider the following image:

From the information in this image, what type of attack is occurring?

A. A man-in-the-middle attack

B. A brute-force attack

C. A connection-hijackingattackC.A connection-hijacking attack

D. A spoofingattackD.A spoofing attack

Answer: B

Q27. Which of the following is a common problem, yet commonly overlooked, in regards to physical security in server rooms?

A. Firewalls that do not have a dedicated backup

B. False ceilings

C. Logic bombs

D. Biometric malfunctions

Answer: B

Q28. Which of the following organizations provides regular updates concerning security breaches and issues?





Answer: D

Q29. You have implemented a service on a Linux system that allows a user to read and edit resources.

What is the function of this service?

A. Authentication

B. Data integrity

C. Access control

D. Intrusion detection

Answer: C

Q30. You have determined that an attack is currently underway on your database server. An attacker is currently logged in, modifying data. You want to preserve logs, caching and other data on this affected server. Which of the following actions will best allow you to stop the attack and still preserve data?

A. Pull the server network cable

B. Shut down the server

C. Back up the system logs

D. Force an instant password reset

Answer: A

Q31. Which of the following describes the practice of stateful multi-layer inspection?

A. Using a VLAN on a firewall to enable masquerading of private IP addresses

B. Prioritizing voice and video data to reduce congestion

C. Inspecting packets in all layers of the OSI/RM with a packet filter

D. Using Quality of Service (QoS) on a proxy-oriented firewall

Answer: C

Q32. You have been asked to encrypt a large file using a secure encryption algorithm so you can send it via email to your supervisor. Encryption speed is important. The key will not be transmitted across a network.

Which form of encryption should you use?

A. Asymmetric


C. Hash

D. Symmetric

Answer: D