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2017 Jan 1D0-610 free practice test

Q91. Which Web-based validation tool is used to validate Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)? 

A. www.cynthiasays.com 

B. www.validator.w3.org 

C. www.vischeck.com 

D. www.jigsaw.w3.org 


Q92. An end user cannot log in to a page that provides an c-learning course. The authentication window will not launch. Which of the following is most likely the cause of this problem? 

A. Pop-up blocking software has been enabled in the operating system. 

B. The browser has recently had its cookie cache cleared. 

C. The browser has recently had its browsing history cleared. 

D. Pop-up blocking software has been enabled in the Web browser. 


Q93. Marcella is looking for a very unique product online. She has found one on the XYZ Company’s Web site, which is designed well and appears to be legitimate. As she navigates through the checkout process, she reaches the checkout page with this URL, which asks her to enter her credit card information: http://XYZ.com/gp/checkout.html/ref=chk_out_TLS12B_lb?ie=IJTFB&docld= 10007931 Why should Marcella cancel her online transaction instead of proceeding? 

A. Because the site uses 128-bit encryption, which is illegal for companies that are located overseas 

B. Because the link contains abbreviations and is not completely readable, so Marcella is unsure of the server name 

C. Because the link does not use SSL/TLS encryption and therefore the information Marcella enters would not be secure 

D. Because the link uses SSL/TLS encryption, which Marcella knows is not compatible with the browser she is using 


Q94. The capabilities of cellular networks have improved greatly since their original development for analog voice phone calls. Most recently, fourth- generation (4G) wireless supports a variety of data- intensive needs. A benefit of 4G networks is that they: 

A. Use spread-spectrum technology to ensure high transmission rates. 

B. Provide fast transmission rates equivalent to DSL or broadband-cable. 

C. Provide fast transmission rates equivalent to high-speed dial-up connections. 

D. Enable bandwidth throttling, allowing the user access to unrestricted download speeds. 


Q95. You are expecting a very important file from a co-worker in a remote office to be sent to you through e-mail. You finally call the co-worker and tell him that you have not received the file. He informs you that he sent the file yesterday, but will send it again immediately. After some time, you still have not received his e-mail message. You contact the Technical Support department and ask them for help. After some investigation, Technical Support finds the e- mail from your coworker with an attachment named salesnumbers.exe in the spam folder of your e-mail client. What is the most likely reason that the e-mail message was filtered out? 

A. Messages from remote offices are blocked on internal e-mail. 

B. The attachment’s file size exceeds the size limits of the e-mail filter policy. 

C. File attachments with an .exe extension may contain malicious code. 

D. The file name of the attached file exceeds the file name length of the filter policy. 


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Q96. What does the following represent? 2E22: 4F00: 000E: 00D0:A267:97FF:FE6E:FE34 

A. A MAC address 

B. AnlPv4address 

C. An IPv6 address 

D. An IP diagnostic loopback address 


Q97. Gabby suspects that an attacker has gained control of her system. Which of the following is the most appropriate action for her to take? 

A. Shut down the computer. 

B. Enable strong encryption on all files on the hard disk. 

C. Run anti-virus software on all disks associated with this system. 

D. Unplug the computer network cable and/or disable the computer’s wireless NIC. 


Q98. Marsha’s boss directed her to create a mobile version of the company’s Web site. 

To ensure her mobile site is optimized, Marsha eliminates banners and advertisements. What other recommendations should Marsha follow? 

A. Use images instead of video on the Web site. 

B. Use white space to give the site an uncluttered look. 

C. Use Flash content to replace lengthy text descriptions. 

D. Create several Web sites, each tailored to a specific mobile platform. 


Q99. Which of the following is a legal and ethical practice? 

A. Copying someone else’s written work found on the Internet and presenting it as your own, as long as it is for schoolwork. 

B. Trying shareware for free and paying for it only after you decide to keep using it. 

C. Downloading copyrighted artwork and using it as a background on your Web site. 

D. Downloading music and motion pictures as long as they are from a peer-to- peer network. 


Q100. Which Web-based validation tool is used to validate HTML documents? 

A. www.vischeck.com 

B. www.jigsaw.w3.org 

C. www.validator.w3.org 

D. www.cynthiasays.com