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2016 Dec 1D0-610 actual test

Q11. SuperBank is considering a cloud service from Local  Data  Center,  Inc., to support the bank’s expanding needs. SuperBank’s managers are concerned about security. What can SuperBank request to protect its data from security threats? 

A. For Local Data Center to run multiple hypervisors 

B. For Local Data Center to install a DDoS mitigation system 

C. For SuperBank staff to manage the servers at Local Data Center, Inc. 

D. For SuperBank to perform background checks on the staff at Local Data Center, Inc. 


Q12. Ron has an older computer to which he frequently downloads and saves company files. He recently noticed that he was running low on disk space and decided to delete many old files that he no longer needed. He now notices that it takes a long time to open or save documents to his hard drive. Which maintenance task can help? 

A. Disk defragmentation 

B. chkdsk command 

C. fdisk command 

D. Disk cleanup 


Q13. Melanie works in the sales department at XYZ Company. She decides that her company’s marketing team has done a poor job representing the company’s brand. Without direction or permission, she starts her own social networking account to help. This account’s name is called XYZ Professional. To customize her page, she uses company logos and verbiage from the company Web site. She then begins communicating with customers and individuals interested in XYZ via this service. Which of the following would be the most appropriate response to Melanie’s actions by the company? 

A. Providing a link to Melanie’s page from the company’s official social networking account 

B. Sending Melanie a request from the company’s Human Resources department to stop using company logos, yet allowing her to continue using this social networking account 

C. Adding references to Melanie’s social networking page in the company’s internal newsletter 

D. Terminating Melanie’s employment for copyright and trademark violation, with a cease-and- desist letter asking for control of the account 


Q14. You opened an e-mail attachment and it launches a virus. The virus takes control of your system and you are unable to run your anti-virus software. Which of the following is the best step for you to take next? 

A. Let the virus run its course. 

B. Call your local authorities to report an identity theft. 

C. Turn off your computer and reboot from a known, clean system disk. 

D. Plug in your backup drive to try to initiate an immediate backup of important files. 


Q15. Your Web browser is currently open and displaying a popular sports site. You decide that you want to browse to the CIW site without closing the browser. 

What is the most efficient way to accomplish this? 

A. By performing a search on your computer for the term “CIW” 

B. By performing a search within the site currently displayed in your Web browser 

C. By typing in the FTP address (ftp.CIWcertified.com) in the address bar of your Web browser 

D. By typing the CIW site’s URL (www.CIWcertified.com) in the address bar of your Web browser 


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Q16. As a project manager, you have to balance three elements that compose the project triangle. Suppose your customer requests that you add some new requirements to the project when you are halfway through. If you agree to this request, how would it affect other aspects of the project? 

A. Project scope will decrease. 

B. Cost of the project will increase. 

C. Cost of the project will decrease. 

D. Time to complete project will be reduced. 


Q17. When previewing a Web page using a GUI HTML editor, you will: 

A. be limited to the default browser on your computer or device. 

B. be limited to the browsers installed on your computer or device. 

C. receive an error because GUI editors cannot preview pages in a browser. 

D. be limited to two browser choices that are installed on your computer or device. 


Q18. Which type of attack is a form of social engineering in which an attacker attempts to steal personal or confidential information by sending e-mail that lures unsuspecting victims to log in to an authentic-looking but imposter Web site? 

A. Replay 

B. Phishing 

C. Spoofing 

D. Pharming 


Q19. One of your co-workers calls you to ask if you sent her an e-mail message with an attachment. You recall that you sent several c-mails with attachments earlier that day. Which of the following is your best response to this question? 

A. Ask your co-worker to open the attachment and describe the contents. 

B. Ask your co-worker to read the e-mail message including the full name of the attachment and its extension. 

C. Ask your co-worker to forward the e-mail to you so you can open the attachment and check it. 

D. Ask your co-worker to forward the e-mail to your company’s management. 


Q20. Which is the preferred approach to communicate important action items in an e-mail message to a co-worker? 

A. Write the action items using all capital letters. 

B. List the action items in a numbered or bulleted list for clarity. 

C. Include emoticons to ensure the recipient understands your humor. 

D. Describe all action items at length in a detailed paragraph in the middle of the message.