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Q25. You are the technology coordinator for a small multi-national corporation with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo and London. You have been asked to coordinate a live and interactive meeting that will allow executives from each of the offices to meet virtually and share presentations. What is the best way to achieve this desired goal? 

A. Podcast 

B. Webcast 

C. Conference call 

D. Web conference 


Q26. Your child’s high school has created a wiki for its social science classes to support blogs and collaborative projects. Your child also contributes photos of extracurricular events to the school’s Facebook site. Which term collectively describes these types of Web usage? 

A. Mashup 

B. Web 1.0 

C. Web 2.0 

D. Folksonomy 


Q27. Paul has just finished a very important sales meeting with a potential customer and he needs to update his supervisor at the corporate office, which is located in another country. Paul is debating whether to text or e-mail his supervisor about the meeting details. Which of the following would be the best practice for communicating with his supervisor? 

A. Send a brief text message to say the meeting has finished, because Paul knows his supervisor does not read e-mail. 

B. Send several text messages in order to convey all the details of the meeting most quickly. 

C. Send a brief text message update now, and then send the meeting details in an e- mail message later. 

D. Post the details of the meeting on his favorite social media platform, where his supervisor is one of his followers. 


Q28. A friend just sent you a link to a Facebook page with information that you find very useful. You want to be able to recall the site in the future from your desktop computer, or from your mobile device while away from your desk. Which is the best approach? 

A. Memorize the URL so you can pull up the site in any browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. 

B. Add the link to a cloud-based bookmark service such as Delicious or Google Bookmarks. 

C. Manually enter the Web address into any and all browsers on all of your devices. 

D. Pull up the message with the link any time you want to view the site. 


Q29. You just started a small business and need to create a logo. Although you are technically savvy, your artistic creativity is limited. You decide to launch a contest to seek creative ideas for your logo. Using the Internet and social networking in this manner is known as: 

A. folksonomy 

B. outsourcing 

C. crowd sourcing 

D. social engineering 


Q30. Proprietary information for your company’s online business was released to a competitor. Which of the following preventative measures should your company take to ensure that its proprietary information is protected in the future? 

A. Restrict Internet access 

B. Uninstall any e-mail clients 

C. Monitor employees’messages 

D. Destroy all proprietaryinformation 


Q31. You are a software developer who wants to start developing mobile apps for smartphones. You have the option to develop apps for an open-source operating system. Which of the following could persuade you to focus your development efforts on the open-source operating system? 

A. An open-source license will never be in the public domain. 

B. Source code for an open-source app is not viewable and cannot be modified. 

C. Open-source operating systems and development tools are free from software bugs and viruses. 

D. The operating system and associated development tools are free, provided you comply with the copyleft license. 


Q32. You are expecting a very important file from a co-worker in a remote office  to be sent to you through e-mail. You finally call the co-worker and tell him that you have not received the file. He informs you that he sent the file yesterday, but will send it again immediately. After some time, you still have not received his e-mail message. 

You contact the Technical Support department and ask them for help. After some investigation, Technical Support finds the e-mail from your coworker with an attachment named salesnumbers.exe in the spam folder of your e-mail client. What is the most likely reason that the e-mail message was filtered out? 

A. Messages from remote offices are blocked on internal e-mail. 

B. The attachment’s file size exceeds the size limits of the e-mail filter policy. 

C. File attachments with an .exe extension may contain malicious code. 

D. The file name of the attached file exceeds the file name length of the filter policy.