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Q17. Consider the following address: 

http://www.CIWcertified .com/Certifications/Web_Foundations/iba.php 

Which of the following is the best classification for the address? 

A. Fully qualified domain name 

B. Virtual domain name 

C. Relative URL 

D. Deep URL 


Q18. A family member has just sent you an e-mail message that contains highly personal details about a family matter. The message was sent to your company e-mail address. The family member has requested that you respond with your ideas about how to resolve the situation. Which of the following is a reason for you to call your family member and discuss the matter over the phone instead? 

A. Because your employer has the right to read your e-mail 

B. Because e-mail is completely private but not personal enough 

C. Because it is illegal to use company e-mail for personal use 

D. Because an e-mail message about a personal family matter will violate netiquette guidelines 


Q19. Xue’s company has provided her with a desktop computer to use at work. She has configured her e- mail client on this work computer to include her personal e-mail account so that she can conveniently download messages and check her personal e-mail. Xue should be aware that: 

A. The company will block personal e-mail accounts. 

B. The company must permit her to receive personal e-mail messages. 

C. The company will ignore the e-mail messages to respect her privacy. 

D. The company will have access to her personal e-mail messages. 


Q20. Raoul has received a file attachment from a known individual. He has no reason to expect files from this individual. Which of the following is an effective security strategy for Raoul to take? 

A. Open the file attachment and use anti-virus software to scan it. 

B. Before opening the attachment, use anti-virus software to scan the system’s hard disk. 

C. Make back-up copies of important files so that it is possible to recover them in case of an incident. 

D. Before opening the attachment, call or send a text or instant message to the individual to verify that he or she meant to send it. 


Q21. Which of the following is used to help non-technical users collectively classify and find information on a site? 

A. Tagging 

B. Awiki 

C. Web feed 

D. Ajax 


Q22. Digital signatures verify the integrity of the data, verify the identity of the sender, and: 

A. Provide data confidentiality. 

B. Enforce non-repudiation. 

C. Sign digitalcertificaterequests. 

D. Create certificate requests. 


Q23. As a project manager, you have to balance three elements that compose the project triangle. Suppose your customer requests that you add some new requirements to the project when you are halfway through. If you agree to this request, how would it affect other aspects of the project? 

A. Project scope will decrease. 

B. Cost of the project will increase. 

C. Cost of the project will decrease. 

D. Time to complete project will be reduced. 


Q24. Michelle wants to search for a scuba regulator. She plans to use a keyword search engine. She does not want to see any results from the manufacturer named Scubapro. Which of the following search strings should she use? 

A. Regulators !Scubapro 

B. Regulators Scubapro 

C. Regulators <Scubapro 

D. Regulators >Scubapro