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Q1. The official CIW Web site has an IP address of Which technology allows Web users to enter the URL www.CIWcertified.com in the browser address bar to access the site, instead of having to remember and enter the IP address? 






Q2. Selena needs to send a message to her manager providing all the details of a business proposal. The idea they have discussed is critical to the business. The project is considered urgent and confidential. Selena wants to get this outline to her manager as quickly as possible. What would be the most appropriate way Selena could use an SMS (text) message in relation to this proposal? 

A. To send a useful summary of the proposal to her manager so that the manager has it available during a presentation 

B. To alert her manager that she has sent the proposal via e-mail so her manager can view the proposal as soon as possible 

C. To provide a detailed outline of the proposal so that her manager can refer to it as he travels 

D. To send the proposal as an attachment to the text message 


Q3. Irena is reviewing several promotional product videos from her company’s marketing department before they are published on the company’s Web site. The videos are in RealMedia format, but they do not open in Irena’s Windows Media Player. What should Irena do in order to view the videos? 

A. Contact her company’s Technical Support department and schedule service for her computer. 

B. Convert the video files to the WMV format, because RealMedia files will not play in Windows Media Player. 

C. Upload the videos to the Web server to be viewed through Windows Media Player because they will not play from a local computer. 

D. Decompress the files before attempting to play them in Windows Media Player, because RealMedia files are compressed for uploading/downloading. 


Q4. You opened an e-mail attachment and it launches a virus. The virus takes control of your system and you are unable to run your anti-virus software. Which of the following is the best step for you to take next? 

A. Let the virus run its course. 

B. Call your local authorities to report an identity theft. 

C. Turn off your computer and reboot from a known, clean system disk. 

D. Plug in your backup drive to try to initiate an immediate backup of important files. 


Q5. Evonka is listening to music from an online music provider (such as Pandora or Jango). She builds a list of music preferences, including favorite songs. The music service then suggests additional songs she might enjoy. The music provider is an example of a cloud-computing application that uses a technology for collaborative filtering,  which helps define the list of songs  available to listeners. Which term describes this technology? 

A. Bit-torrent 

B. Crowdsourcing 

C. Grid computing 

D. Software as a Service 


Q6. You have volunteered to give a presentation to the parents at your child’s school about the dangers of the Internet. Which of the following would you include in your ecommendations to parents? 

A. Warn children to never provide personal information over the Internet. 

B. Direct parents to ask other users in the children’s chat rooms to provide identification. 

C. Remind the parents that the anonymity of chat rooms provides security. 

D. To reduce fear, claim that the threat of predators has been reduced in recent times. 


Q7. You are configuring an e-mail client to connect to your e-mail account. Which of following is required to set up the e-mail account? 

A. An HTTP address 

B. An FTP address 

C. ADNSserveraddress 

D. APOP3 address 


Q8. Aisha is preparing to give a presentation to management about the development of cloud computing services that her company is planning to implement. Which of the following might her managers mention as a possible objection or drawback to using cloud services for the company? 

A. Speed 

B. Cost 

C. Flexibility 

D. Scalability