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2016 Dec 1D0-61A vce

Q11. Emelia and Lola have created a new software application that allows messaging site subscribers to analyze the message  statistics in order to more  easily asses and interact with followers. They have decided to license this software according to the GNU GPL Version 3. What does this license allow them to do with their software? 

A. They can only sell this software through a not-for-profit company. 

B. They can sell this software, but only if they make the software code available on a public server. 

C. The software enters the public domain for free use and can be altered by other programmers, who must then make their changes freely available as well. 

D. The software enters the public domain for free use, but any changes made in the future can be kept secret, allowing them to profitably sell the modified software. 


Q12. Gabby suspects that an attacker has gained control of her system. Which of the following is the most appropriate action for her to take? 

A. Shut down the computer. 

B. Enable strong encryption on all files on the hard disk. 

C. Run anti-virus software on all disks associated with this system. 

D. Unplug the computer network cable and/or disable the computer’s wireless NIC. 


Q13. As a project manager, you have to balance three elements that compose the project triangle. Suppose your customer requests that you add some new requirements to the project when you are halfway through. If you agree to this request, how would it affect other aspects of the project? 

A. Project scope will decrease. 

B. Cost of the project will increase. 

C. Cost of the project will decrease. 

D. Time to complete project will be reduced. 


Q14. Andrea works as an Administrative Assistant for a small business that uses an SaaS service for accounting, sales orders and customer service information about the business’s customers. This product is similar to Salesforce.com and its competitors. Andrea makes sure she saves accurate records about current projects and performs regular backups of the business data stored on the cloud-based service. Which of the following is the primary reason for this practice? 

A. If there is an interruption in Internet access, the service and records would not be accessible. 

B. There is a limit on the number of users who are allowed to access the cloud-based service at any one time. 

C. Data stored online through the cloud-based service is more at risk to security breaches than if it were stored locally. 

D. Andrea is overly cautious because it is well known that cloud-based services are highly secure, highly reliable and always available. 


Q15. You have just finished designing a Web site to support a charity organization’s fund-raising efforts. You need to meet with the board members to get their feedback and address some questions before you implement the final design. The board members are dispersed throughout the country and want to avoid spending charity funds on traveling to this meeting. Which of the following solutions would best support the charity and provide you with an opportunity to discuss the design as a group? 

A. Plan a Web conference using a service such as WebEx or GoToMeeting that supportsscreen sharingand phone conferencing. 

B. Plan a Webinar that reviews the layout of the site and request that board members submit their feedback by e-mail after the Webinar. 

C. Create a PowerPoint slideshow that contains pictures of your Web site design and create a survey to gather the board members’feedback. 

D. Create an audio Webcast and distribute it to the board members over the Internet. 


Rebirth 1D0-61A exam topics:

Q16. Which of the following strategies is recommended when conducting keyword searches? 

A. Use nouns instead of verbs for keywords. 

B. Use verbs instead of nouns for keywords. 

C. Use as few keywords as possible. 

D. Include at least one preposition such as“the”or“an”in your list of keywords. 


Q17. A family member has just sent you an e-mail message that contains highly personal details about a family matter. The message was sent to your company e-mail address. The family member has requested that you respond with your ideas about how to resolve the situation. Which of the following is a reason for you to call your family member and discuss the matter over the phone instead? 

A. Because your employer has the right to read your e-mail 

B. Because e-mail is completely private but not personal enough 

C. Because it is illegal to use company e-mail for personal use 

D. Because an e-mail message about a personal family matter will violate netiquette guidelines 


Q18. Your child’s high school has created a wiki for its social science classes to support blogs and collaborative projects. Your child also contributes photos of extracurricular events to the school’s Facebook site. Which term collectively describes these types of Web usage? 

A. Mashup 

B. Web 1.0 

C. Web 2.0 

D. Folksonomy 


Q19. To reduce the costs of maintaining servers with FTP access; your company is using P2P to facilitate sharing of information. Which strategy should your company use to protect the company’s sensitive information while capitalizing on the benefits of P2P power? 

A. Limit P2P use to sharing music files. 

B. Restrict employees from using their computers in P2P communications. 

C. Use technologies that will control access and password-protect files. 

D. Restrict P2P use to sharing only with universities and research organizations. 


Q20. Which of the following strategies will help protect your computer against virus attacks? 

A. Perform regular backups of your hard drive. 

B. Open e-mail attachments only from unknown senders. 

C. Update the definitions for your malware protection application frequently. 

D. Configure security settings for your Web browser to the lowest possible level.