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Q25. Marsha has been hired by XYZ, Inc., to update the company Web site. Marsha discovers that the existing Web pages were structured using tables. Marsha needs to explain to XYZ why the Web site needs to be recoded in HTML5 with CSS controlling the structure of the document. What is the most important reason for using HTML5 and CSS? 

A. The updates will increase user traffic to the site. 

B. The updates will improve the overall look and feel of the Web site. 

C. The Web site can be interpreted by any HTML5-compliant browser, including mobile devices. 

D. The Web site will rank higher in many search engines results, as long as the search engine bot recognizes the code. 


Q26. During the initial meeting to plan a new Web site, whose input must be obtained? 

A. Shareholders 

B. Stakeholders 

C. Web developers 

D. Graphic designers 


Q27. Which line of code uses the correct syntax to apply an external CSS style sheet to HTML documents? 

A. <link rel=stylesheet type=css href=syb/syb.css/> 

B. <style ref =stylesheet type=text/css href=syb/syb.css/> 

C. <style ref =“stylesheet”type=“css”href=“syb/syb.css”/> 

D. <link rel=“stylesheet”type=“text/css”href=“syb/syb.css”/> 


Q28. When developing a Web site, which of the following actions would be considered unethical? 

A. Borrowing music from another site with the owner’s written permission 

B. Creating new code that provides a look and feel similar to another site 

C. Linking your site to another site with permission 

D. Copying some code from another Web site 


Q29. A user is submitting data from a form on your Web page to a database using a CCI script. Which attribute of the form field elements organizes the user’s information into name=value pairs? 

A. Name 

B. Form 

C. Value 

D. Method 


Q30. Web developers typically include comments in their code for which reason? 

A. To insert server-side programs, such as JavaScript 

B. To communicate performance issues to site visitors 

C. To explain the purpose of code sections to other developers 

D. To declare which version of HTML each part of the code is using 


Q31. The process of wire framing typically includes determining Web site goals plus: 

A. Outlining project timelines and budget constraints, and identifying site stakeholders. 

B. Outlining project timelines and budget constraints, and identifying audience requirements. 

C. Outlining the development and marketing process, and identifying audience requirements. 

D. Outlining the development process and site navigation, and identifying required technologies. 


Q32. When previewing a Web page using a GUI HTML editor, you will: 

A. Be limited to the default browser on your computer or device. 

B. Be limited to the browsers installed on your computer or device. 

C. Receive an error because GUI editors cannot preview pages in a browser. 

D. Be limited to two browser choices that are installed on your computer or device.