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Q17. You have been asked to design and develop a Web site for a retirement community. What can you do to help make the site accessible to the elderly? 

A. Comply with the latest scripting standards. 

B. Comply with ICANN’s accessibility standards. 

C. Comply with WAI’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. 

D. Comply with IETF’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. 


Q18. Which choice describes a correct order of precedence for implementing CSS? 

A. Inline styles override all other styles. 

B. External styles override all other styles. 

C. Internal (embedded) styles override inline styles. 

D. External styles override internal (embedded) styles. 


Q19. Which type of intellectual property includes business plans, proprietary code and sales contracts? 

A. Copyleft 

B. Copyright 

C. Trademark 

D. Trade secret 


Q20. The code does not validate as HTML5. Why? 

A. The <article> tag is missing. 

B. The <meta> tag and its attributes are missing. 

C. The <blockquote> tag should be used outside the <p> tags. 

D. The !DOCTYPEdeclaration is missing a reference to the Document Type Definition (DTD). 


Q21. Marsha’s boss directed her to create a mobile version of the company’s Web site. 

To ensure her mobile site is optimized, Marsha eliminates banners and advertisements. What other recommendations should Marsha follow? 

A. Use images instead of video on the Web site. 

B. Use white space to give the site an uncluttered look. 

C. Use Flash content to replace lengthy text descriptions. 

D. Create several Web sites, each tailored to a specific mobile platform. 


Q22. Sampson has used HTML5 to create a Web page that contains image-based navigation buttons. He would like to add text-based navigation to help ensure accessibility. Which of the following HTML5 elements should he use? 

A. <aside> 

B. <footer> 

C. <header> 

D. <article> 


Q23. When establishing a mobile presence, which of the following offers mobile- friendly content to the widest possible audience? 

A. Traditional Web sites 

B. Mobile Web sites 

C. Mobile apps 

D. RSS feeds 


Q24. Skylar has been asked by the HR Department to create a Web page for the company’s intra net site that compares the company’s four different medical insurance plans. To accomplish this effectively in HTML5, Skylar should: 

A. use document structure tags to lay out the page and use a table to organize the medical insurance plan information. 

B. use JavaScript to lay out the page and use a table within the page to organize the medical insurance plan information. 

C. use tables to lay out the page and use the <pre> tag inside the table to organize the medical insurance plan information. 

D. use CSS to lay out the page and use the <pre> element to organize the medical insurance plan information.