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Q1. When you are using stock images in your Web site, a royalty-free license allows you to: 

A. Use the images without paying a fee for each use. 

B. Resell or transfer the images without paying a fee. 

C. Use the images without purchasing a license. 

D. Assumecopyrightof the images. 


Q2. Which Web-based validation tool is used to validate Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)? 

A. www.cynthiasays.com 

B. www.validator.w3.org 

C. www.vischeck.com 

D. www.jigsaw.w3.org 


Q3. You need to center and indent a quote on your Web page. Which is the best way to accomplish this using HTML5? 

A. Use the <pre>element. 

B. Use the <blockquote> element. 

C. Use the style attribute with the <p> tag. 

D. Use the text-align attribute with the <p> tag. 


Q4. When developing Web pages, it is important to test the pages with: 

A. Current versions of multiple browsers. 

B. Current versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox. 

C. Current and older versions of multiple browsers. 

D. Current and older versions of Internet Explorer and Chrome. 


Q5. Which <1mg> tag attribute is required in order for HTML5 documents to validate without error? 

A. id 

B. alt 

C. name 

D. title 


Q6. Prior to HTML5, structuring a Web site using style sheets with the <div> tag and its,dattribute has been an acceptable practice to govern the document’s structure. With the emergence of HTML5, what five new elements were introduced for more effectiveness? 

A. <nav>, <article>, <aside>, <header>,<footer> 

B. <nav>, <header>, <footer>, <body>,<footnote> 

C. <nav>, <banner>, <article>,<header>,<footer> 

D. <nav>,<banner>,<body>,<footer>,<sideimage> 


Q7. You are developing a Web site in HTML5. You want the new HTML5 structural elements (such as <header> or <article>) to be styled consistently in all browsers. You must add a CSS rule that will change them to which element type, to ensure the site will render successfully? 

A. Inline 

B. Script 

C. Fixed 

D. Block 


Q8. Which Web-based validation tool is used to validate HTML documents? 

A. www.vischeck.com 

B. www.jigsaw.w3.org 

C. www.validator.w3.org 

D. www.cynthiasays.com