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Q33. Which of the following commands can be used to compare the VC MTU signaled between two PE routers? 

A. show router route-table 

B. show router Idp bindings 

C. show service service-using 

D. show service egress-label 

E. show router rsvp session 


Q34. Port 1/1/1 has been configured as an access port with encapsulation dot1q on an Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR. Which of the following statements are TRUE? (Choose 2) 

A. The SAP 1/1/1 willforward all traffic transparently. 

B. The SAP 1/1/1:0.* will forward all untagged traffic and traffic tagged with VLAN 0. 

C. The SAP 1/1/1:* will forward untagged traffic but not tagged traffic. 

D. TheSAP1/1/1:400willforwardcustomertraffictaggedwithVLAN400 

E. The SAP 1/1/1:0 will forward untagged traffic and traffic tagged with VLAN 0 

Answer: D,E 

Q35. A transport tunnel can either use an MPLS or GRE encapsulation. 




Q36. Which of the following best describes the label stack for a packet in the VPRN context? 

A. An outer label and a transport label. 

B. An inner label and a service label. 

C. A transport label and a service label. 

D. An MPLS transport label 


Q37. Which of the following most accurately describes the default behavior of a VPLS regarding the handling of a tagged frame at the ingress of sap 1/1/1:100? 

A. The FCS is verified and the customer frame is transported intact over the service provider network. 

B. The FCS is verified and kept in the customer frame. The VLAN tag is removed for transport over the network. 

C. The FCS is verified and removed from the frame. The VLAN tag is kept for transport over the network. 

D. The FCS is verified and removed from the frame.The VLAN tag is removed for transport over the network. 


Q38. What is the minimum Ethernet physical network MTU required for a Layer 2 service on a GRE encapsulated SDP with a service MTU of 1514? 

A. 1514 

B. 1526 

C. 1548 

D. 1556 

E. 1536 


Q39. Click on the exhibit button below. 

Assuming the customer only needs to monitor traffic from PE3 to the customer site, what three items are missing from PE3's configuration? (Assume that the IP/MPLS network structure between the local and remote PEsis in place.) 

A. The mirror destination configuration on PE5 is missing the "remote-source" command, 

B. The mirror destination on PE3needs a "remote-source" command. 

C. The mirror service IDs on the local and remote destinations must match. 

D. The mirror source on PE3 needs a "remote-source" command. 

E. The mirror source command on the remote PE3 needs a command that tells it to monitor port 1/1/2. 

Answer: A,C,E 

Q40. When configuring an IES spoke termination to a VPLS, what must be explicitly configured in order 

for the service to come up? (Choose 2) 

A. MTU must match on both services, 

B. Mesh-SDP with matching vc-id configured, 

C. Spoke-SDP with matching vc-id configured. 

D. Spoke-SDP. 

Answer: A,C