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Q9. By default, what happens when a packet with a VLAN tag is received on a SAP provisioned with null encapsulation? 

A. The original VLAN tag is removed. 

B. The original VLAN tag is kept. 

C. The VLAN tag is replaced by a providertag. 

D. The VLAN tag is kept and a provider tag is added. 


Q10. What command syntax would be used to create a new IES service with a service id of 5 and a 

customer id of 1000? 

A. configure ies 5 customer 1000 create 

B. configure router ies 5 customer 1000 create 

C. configure service ies 5 customer 1000 create 

D. configure router ies 5 customer 1000 


Q11. Which of the following commands is used to create a new Epipe service? 

A. configure epipe service-id customer customer-id create 

B. configure service epipe service-id customer customer-id create 

C. configure epipe service-id create 

D. configure epipe service-id customer customer-id create 

E. configure epipe service service-id customer customer-id create 


Q12. Which service is needed to bridge an ATM service to an Ethernet service? 

A. Apipe 

B. Fpipe 

C. Cpipe 

D. Epipe 

E. Bridge service 


Q13. Which of the following represents a SAP on a physical port configured with Q-in-Q encapsulation? 

A. sap 1/1/1 

B. sap 1/1/1:5 

C. sap 1/1/1:5:5 

D. sap 1/1/1:10.100 


Q14. Which of the following statements are TRUE about configuring a SDP between an IES and a VPLS? (Choose 2) 

A. The SDP must be a mesh 

B. The SDP must be a spoke. 

C. Once the SDP is configured on both PE routers, both the services will be operationally up without further configurationchanges. 

D. The Layer 2 MTUs must match between the IES and the VPLS 

E. The Layer 2 MTU must be 14 bytes smaller on the VPLS than it is on the IES. 

Answer: B,D 

Q15. A VPRN service is configured with BGP used as the CE-PE routing protocol. What address families are required on the PE-CE BGP session? 

A. VPN-IPv4 address families are required in order for routes to be exchanged with the PE. 

B. Only default IPv4 address families are required since the CE is not aware of the VPRN service 

C. Either IPv4 or VPN-IPv4 address families can be configured on the PE-CE BGP session 

D. An IPv4 address family configuration is required for the PE-PE configuration. 


Q16. Which routing protocol cannot be run over an Ipipe?