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Q1. The addition, modification or removal of an authorized, planned or supported service or service component and its associated documentation is a definition of what?

A. A change

B. A change model

C. A change request

D. A change advisory board

Answer: A

Q2. Which of the following statements about service asset and configuration management is/are CORRECT?

1. A configuration item (CI) can exist as part of any number of other CIs at the same time

2. Choosing which CIs to record will depend on the level of control an organization wishes to exert

A. 1 only

B. 2 only

C. Both of the above

D. Neither of the above

Answer: C

Q3. Which one of the following can help determine the level of impact of a problem?

A. Definitive media library (DML)

B. Configuration management system (CMS)

C. Statement of requirements (SOR)

D. Standard operating procedures (SOP)

Answer: B

Q4. Which one of the following is NOT a characteristic of a process?

A. It is measurable

B. It delivers specific results

C. It responds to specific events

D. It structures an organization

Answer: D

Q5. Which one of the following are the two primary elements that create value for customers?

A. Value on investment (VOI) and return on investment (ROI)

B. Customer and user satisfaction

C. Service requirements and warranty

D. Resources and capabilities

Answer: D

Q6. Which one of the following is the BEST definition of an event?

A. Any change of state that has significance for the management of a configuration item (CI) or IT service

B. An unplanned interruption to an IT service or a reduction in the quality of an IT service

C. The unknown cause of one or more incidents that have an impact on an IT service

D. Reducing or eliminating the cause of an incident or problem

Answer: A

Q7. Which one of the following is NOT a responsibility of the service transition stage of the service lifecycle?

A. To ensure that a service can be managed and operated in accordance with constraints specified during design

B. To design and develop capabilities for service management

C. To provide good-quality knowledge and information about services

D. To plan the resources required to manage a release

Answer: B

Q8. What would you call the groups of people who have an interest in the activities, targets, resources and deliverables from service management?

A. Employers

B. Stakeholders

C. Regulators

D. Accreditors

Answer: B