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Q153. Mary Anne is the program manager for her organization. In her program there are six projects. One of the projects in her program has been performing well. It is on schedule and has no cost or schedule variances. Mary Anne has decided, however, that her program needs to be terminated. Which one of the following is a likely reason why the project should be terminated? 

A. The program scope has changed. 

B. The scope is not being met as planned due to scope creep. 

C. The project resources are not completing their project tasks as assigned. 

D. The project scope has changed from the original intent of the project 


Q154. You are the program manager for your organization and you're coaching Tom, an aspiring program manager, on program management. Tom is curious about controlling communications. Which one of the following is an output of the communications control process? 

A. Approved change requests 

B. Performance reports 

C. Stakeholder analysis charts 

D. Communications management plan 


Q155. You are the project manager for the GGG Project and are about to close the project kick off meeting. All of the project team members and the key stakeholders are in attendance. What final item should you talk about before closing the meeting? 

A. Discuss the importance of the project scope. 

B. Thank everyone for attending. 

C. Discuss the action items and the importance of the itemsbeingcompletedas planned. 

D. Remind everyone that you're the project manager if they have QUESTIONNOs. 


Q156. You are the program manager of the YHT Program. You have been working with a vendor in the program but have decided that the contract between your program and the vendor needs to be terminated. What two things must be documented if you wish to terminate a vendor's contract? 

A. Contract and the quality measurements for the vendor's work 

B. The scope verification document and the termination notice 

C. Contract and scope verification process documents 

D. Work that has been completed and uncompleted work 


Q157. Which of the following statements is the most accurate when it comes to program change requests for the program scope? 

A. The change request must not affect the overall cost. 

B. The change request must be documented. 

C. The change request must not affect the schedule. 

D. The quality of the program must not be affected by the change request. 


Q158. A new program is being initiated for the HNQ Organization. The program manager is working with the business analyst and management to define several attributes of the program. All of the following are identified during program initiation except for which one? 

A. Program risk 

B. Program benefits 

C. Program scope 

D. Link to organizational strategy 


Q159. You are the program manager of the NHQ Program. The program has reached its final deliverable and the certificate of completion has been created for the program. What else should you, the program manager, create at this time? 

A. Life cycle costing estimates 

B. Lessons learned documentation 

C. Operational transfer plan 

D. Program closure reports 


Q160. You are the program manage of HYH Program for your organization. Your program is to create a new sports arena for your city within 12 months. Your program has seven projects and you've worked with all of the project managers before. Even though you've worked with the project managers before you still need to define the authority of the project managers and their projects. What document names the project manager for the project? 

A. Project charter for each project 

B. Program human resource management plan 

C. Project scope statement 

D. Program management charter